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2019 Kitchen Models

2019 kitchen models and details are shared and ideas are given to the people who will make kitchen decoration. One of the questions most curious about those who want to change the kitchen decoration is the 2019 trends. Let’s see what’s curious about 2019 kitchen models together now. Kitchen designs consist of texture, color contrast, wood veneers, industrial appearance and metals in 2019 season. In 2019, the kitchens will be personalized and reflect the personality of the user. Here are the details that everyone wondered.

2019 Kitchen Models Details

In the new season, especially the kitchen cabinet models are designed with bold texture and colors. The popularity of wood contrast with vivid and dark colors will continue this season. Elements from industrial coatings are used in wood and vivid colors to make a difference in kitchen decoration. Kitchen decoration is the first color to come to mind. The combination of vibrant colors and matt colors does not escape. Kitchen decoration should be determined by considering the usage area when determining the colors. E.g; If you eat at home with appetite, appetite colors are selected from the appetite, while in other areas can be selected fun colors.

Those who want to take advantage of the color contrast of pastel tones can emphasize colors like blue, green, yellow and pink. Pastel tones and gray and wooden effects should not be forgotten. The most widely used trend colors in 2019 culinary models are sea blue, dust blue and cobalt blue. The new season kitchen cabinet models with these shades of color will rise up. Those who want to have a dramatic effect on decoration can choose dark blue. Among the trends of 2018 kitchen decoration, gold was quite high. In the new season, we see that gold color is combined with organic colors. It’s very elegant. This is because in terms of style and matter, the results of point-shoot results. The use of gold in decoration always makes a luxurious air. You can use gold color with neutral colors for self-receiving designs.

I would recommend the island kitchen, which especially brings together the great kitchen owners in order and elegance. In the new season the island kitchens are quite functional designed. For example; The storage area, the dining area and the breakfast bar are served together to provide comfort. We will see the addition of sinks and hobs in Ada kitchen 2019 collections even more often. This means everyone will be involved in setting up the table. Open shelf systems, which are the modern version of past terek application, are among the 2019 kitchen models. Green plants, flowers and even food will bring space to the kitchen decoration.

2019 Kitchen Models - 2019 Kitchen Models
2019 Kitchen Models

Closed storage areas are also important to clear shelves. These areas are essential for the storage of old tools and surpluses. Especially if you are not someone who does not like to use the closed storage area without saying. Wooden kitchen cabinets and doors still trend. Today, monochrome kitchen models with matt surfaces are among the first choices. Moreover, 2019 kitchen models have given these designs a modern look. This, in addition to traditional, has offered a different, practical and elegant use.

2019 kitchen cabinet models with gold and copper handles show and glamor brings to your kitchen. Gold and copper handles are used in a wide range from modern kitchen cabinets to traditional kitchen cabinets. Gold and copper handles seem to be more popular this season, despite the black and steel handles of the past. Lighting is very important in kitchen decorations as well as in field decorations. The three-pendant lighting, which is the trend lighting model of the last season, continues to be a trend this season. We recommend you to use the led strips in the cabinets at the eye level with three pendant lights. Note that if you have a large size kitchen, you can use it in recessed lighting in addition to these lightings. 2019 kitchen models include multiple furnaces, smart kitchen designs, especially gold and copper tones in the faucets, functional sinks, concrete and metal for industrial appearance, unpolished wood, stone and artificial marble countertops.

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