10 creative solutions for small apartments

10 Genius Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


Creative solutions for malogabaritok

Creativity contemporary designers canal jealousy. What they did not come to make life easier for those who have to crawl in tight apartments. Today, we have collected the 10 of the most original and functional ideas for small spaces that are worth a look if only for that interest.

Well, when your favorite chair can take fishing or hiking. Also, move it from room to room on a lot easier if it happens in the form of bags. Creative, elegant and comfortable!

Very a functional staircase
Often when you make small space converters involve stairs. They rework, equipped with drawers and additional storage. But it is clearly exaggerated with functionality. Even with the steps you can certainly forget about shelves, cabinets and drawers.

Blinds dry
What happens if in the apartment balcony and bathroom small that it hardly will accommodate all clothes? This dryer blinds have been designed for smaller spaces. It's easy to hide if it's necessary, and put when you want to dry things.

When drying clothes do not wear anywhere else

Coffee table with a secret
Sometimes the living room simply can not be an outside coffee table. should choose a model laconic shape for a small room. And better if the table can be expanded or expanded, while providing multiple functional surfaces. For such a table can accommodate guests and make a tea party!

interior pulse
Conventional hanging shelves – it's too corny and boring, even for a small interior. Therefore designers offer to decorate the space with unusual items, for example, used to store books functional, comfortable and creative shelf in the form of a cardiogram line.

Sofa bed
It seems like sofa bed – the common furniture in almost every malogabaritki. Nevertheless, this model is very different from those we are used to. First of all, this is a very spacious bed, and the other – two large and comfortable sofas!

This chair can be hidden behind the door, setting the hall or living room, even in the kitchen, it will not interfere. And because he has a non-standard format, it looks very elegant and expanded so that, if necessary, next to the chair is a comfortable table.

Stairs from the windows

It's not all ideas that may be useful malogabaritok owners. We found 9 more steep functional solutions, which will be useful to those living in a small apartment.