10 factoren die u moet betalen als u windows installeert

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10 factors that need to be pay attention when installing windows
Architects often think about the project, as a system. This is a strategy that makes it possible to combine elements into a whole in behavior or design planning. In all systems, there is an order and the relationship between elements in general. Windows occupying this system is not the last place. They perform a linking role between the elements and allow daylight to penetrate the space.

The interior of the bathroom by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

The interior living room by Prentiss Architects

If you intend to integrate the Windows system as the single-device as a whole, it's necessary to imagine how they will be installed in the wall, and what frame to choose. Everything should fit the overall design concept for the entire house.

If the view outside the window plays an important role in the design and interior of the house, that is, the entire system, then mount the frame for dark colors with subtle impost. Binding windows to be minimalist and play the role of a compound of glass, no more. The frame should be compatible with the overall interior design, presented from the cold parts of metal, stone, concrete, wood and thick hot wood panel. Despite the hard winter winds, roomy enough light and open and structured thanks to the robust and powerful floor stand near the posts. The construction type is dictated by the presence of number poles, and each window fits into it. Dark metal elements are the link through the thin wood impost. The thin frame not only fits into the structure, but most allow daylight to penetrate the room. Rough frame is to divert attention and visually reduce the space.

wide slopes

Bedroom furnishings by David Vandervort Architects

The window in the living room with John Maniscalco Architecture

The thin line around the window opening – this is a modern reception window lining. It acts as the boundary between the window and the wall, but at the same time a smooth transition between them. This limit can be formed using special brackets installed in the seams formed by plasterboard. Bars can be metal or vinyl. Such an opening reception decoration creates a flat view, and requires no extra effort. This modern and aesthetically pleasing, and plaster surfaces benefit from this method of decoration and looks respectable.

The window in the dining room of the apartment + House architects

The interior of the bathroom through the BAAN construction

If the surface of plaster seems simple, it is also possible to use wood or stone. This will add texture, color, shadows, you might think podokonike, where you can put flowers and other objects. In the heart of the slopes is finishing plaster, but with elements of dark oak, for example, it can be a windowboard, where you can organize a place to rest.

Bedroom furnishings by Rockefeller Partners Architects

With cladding made of stone, it formed a fantastic niche – a reading corner. The emphasis was placed on the massive stone and reliability as the walls are made. Architect organically applied technology with which logically integrated windows, compromising the integrity of the wall. It turns out that they are especially knocked and decorated with backing materials with a matte surface. The stone gives the interior solidity and weight, but it is necessary to refer to such parts of the interior with caution.

Metal trim looks very nice. The dimensions of window openings correspond to the size of the blocks, of which the wall is made, it seems that those blocks were specifically removed to install Windows. Finish made of metal element, further reflecting the light. The gloss and narrow metal window frame allows for maximum daylight to penetrate space despite the size of the windows themselves. Delicate decoration of the window opening, made of soft metal, organic look at the background stained limestone and fits into the overall design concept. Most of metal finishing is a distinctive feature for industrial and trendy style, blending it perfectly with other materials.

Stair through Corner Architects

Solid white frame in minimalist style. It is essentially a continuation of the wall, and their function is simple and clear. They are designed to not draw attention, they are simply a connection between the three main components of the structure: a window, ceiling and floor. The massive frame is ideal for an inner space. White frame on the white walls does not look proud and in combination with the other components of the construction.

Interior Living Room Estes / Twombly Architects, Inc.

Decorate windows and an adjacent wall of well combined and combine when the purpose is to emphasize the features of the surface that cover the walls, rather than the window opening. With this construction, like the window opening cut in the wall, and especially not in contrast with the major components and materials. As the focal point of this design is considered a wall, decoration of the window opening – it is an integral part of it. This is a good example of how the correct setting at the end of the window opening fits into the overall design, especially if you use different materials.

Monochromatic surface of windows and walls, it is appropriate to use in small spaces, where detail is inappropriate or unwelcome. If as a foundation for the decoration of walls, windows and roofs take the tree, thus one can achieve the feeling that all elements are equal. In this case, the contrasting parts are noticed, rather than the shape or object indoors.

Bedroom furnishings by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

It is possible to combine the walls, windows and doors of the single system. Window frames, recessed in floors and ceilings, provide the opportunity to play with space. This method is technically complicated and quite expensive, but the result is worth all efforts. But. Before thinking about the decoration of windows, you have to decide with their basic varieties, their pros and cons.