10 ideas for the design of a childrens room for a girl

tween room


The children's room is the children's territory, and the parents' goal is to create a beautiful and cozy room. A beautiful children's room will bring joy and feel to your child's vacation.

Children's room for a girl: choose a theme for the interior

The inside of the children's room is very individual, it will be your favorite place for pastime for your little princess.

• Princess

For girls, reading books with a sinking heart of beautiful princesses, this room will be a real door in the magic world of fairy tales. Unbelievably romantic bed with a royal chapel like a candy cake, compact make-up table with lots of drawers and exquisite wallpapers complete the resemblance to the real palace.

• Cinderella

Furniture manufacturer has released several modelsSpray beds for Cinderella's rooms – this is what you need. In addition, one or more walls can be decorated with wallpapers with heroes and a favorite saga. In cinderella rooms should be good lighting, such as a small crystal chronicle and a pair of table lamps with lampshades.

• Dry pink

A special role in the children's Sleeping Beauty beds is assigned and its decoration. The decoration is white, cream, sand and blue. These colors contribute to freshness and provide a soothing atmosphere to the realm. The interior of this room must be flowers and plants.

• Snow White

On such a child's walls it looks good painting, stickers and theme wallpaper. In this design room, girls in pink must be added green, cot and furniture can be natural wood. A special charm adds decorative design – flowers and butterflies on the walls, fun little animals on the shelves.

• Flower Land

Bright flowers and butterflies, juicy colors and luxurious combinations of shades – amazing decorations for walls and accessories. Simple forms of flowers can be painted with children.

• Color fireworks

Rebels of colors and unexpected combinations of colors – this is the motto of such a thematic space. All textiles: curtains, bed linen and bed linen for a child's girl are chosen according to the general style of the interior.

• In the story

Colorful combinations of bright colors add feelings of joy, in the basic colors – coral, light blue and white. This children's room will be great for both play and recreation and is ideal for a small non-attendance. The bed, the table and the coffee table complement the perfect color scheme in the room.

• Hollywood

Many girls like pink, in plantskolani style with "Hollywood" you can "play" shades of pink and use for these different details of the decor. Because of this we get a very original style: a bit "glamorous", a little "eastern". Particularly good is the choice of such a space for small actresses.

• The peas

Color palette: effective combination – pink and blue, and a fun dot, spread everywhere: on the walls and bedding, pillows and table lamps adds taste to the design. Excellent fit in the inner hanging chair hammock, comfortably sitting in it, you can read a book, to dream and listen to interesting stories.