10 ways create unique kitchen striking from first glance



10 ways to create a unique kitchen, turns an overview
Kitchen fittings – is not just a selection of appliances, cabinets and utensils. We offer 10 tips from designers, to help give it a personality, character and style.

geometric lines

Pattern in a small space

Tiles with a repetitive pattern on the plate, floor or work surface – the simplest and most common choice. But should carefully look at fun patterns that are on a neutral background, decorate the kitchen and do not overload the color it. Geometric lines wonderfully fit into modern style.

For most people, food is related to non-neutral tones. But a large number of beige, white or gray – a missed opportunity for patterns that help to revitalize the kitchen and create in a warm and homely atmosphere. Tiles can fully coexist with solid surfaces. It helps to bring rustic touches to a modern interior. Spanish and Moroccan style, too, can not do without plates.

Utensils in the kitchen

accent the wall

Cozy dining area

It can be equipped with a dining area, not only in the living room or in the dining room, but also in the kitchen. Beautiful stools will increase the number of places and will bring in the area of ​​comfort and warmth.

accent lighting,


Furniture – the most important element that attracts attention, but the fact is that the whole of the countertop. If the budget does not allow major changes, you can do workspaces. The classic pattern of granite or marble will transform the kitchen and transform it into a place that would happily meet the whole family.


Kitchen – this is the most functional room in the house, but do not deny it, and creative elements. First of all, you can paint the upper and lower cabinets in different colors. The result is safe, please.

You can try to abandon traditional décor and give preference to innovative stylish subjects, even if it's the usual hooks.

Interesting and functional things

The ceiling is usually deprived of attention, and he can either reflect or absorb light. It is important to keep in mind in the kitchen: the lighter shades, the better you can see what's happening on the cutting board. In principle, the same applies to gender.