10 ways give your kitchen character and personality

Add Character & Warmth to a White Kitchen 10 Tips and Tricks



10 ways to give the kitchen character and personality
The kitchen is one of the most favorite places in the house, it can be quite predictable. In the end, each has a workplace, a zone for storage and products and various kitchen appliances. Little imagination and style, and your kitchen will not look like thousands of others, and to have its own character.

copper sink

original accessories

Copper has been used for many centuries as material in the kitchen in the form of bowls, pans, pans. This kitchen has a fashion sink cups. Copper modest marble, but an unusual and elegant.

Handles for furniture are mainly metal, wood or ceramics, and if you use unusual materials for this purpose, the kitchen will acquire individuality and personal style. Here, for example, in this kitchen furniture handles of leather strips. They are unusual and draw attention.

decorative lighting

Smaller stainless steel

Art in the kitchen

Since the kitchen is seen as a utility room, it is often forgotten that this room should be nice and interesting. The pieces of art, side by side with furniture and appliances give the kitchen elegance. In this kitchen interior look organic framed framed original painting.


Work with color

In the kitchen, look good for painting the panel can be done with imagination. Use color to create an illusion of a protective apron across the kitchen. A paint can be painted and kitchen shutters, as shown in the pictures.

Depression legs under the kitchen cabinet

Mainly on depression for feet at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet hardly anyone thinks. It can generally be made of the same material as the main cabinet. In the same kitchen to deepen legs approached creatively. It not only plays a practical part but also a decorative role, since made of stainless steel and reflects light. It looks good and contrasts beautifully with the wood surface of the cabinet.

Do not be afraid to combine vintage entries with your mother. This combination works well in terms of style and individuality. In this kitchen you can see the old hanging cupboard combined with modern furniture and surfaces. Beauty in diversity.

Ancient times in the interior

Vases with herbs on a windowsill – Traditional elements, but who said they must be there. Perfect alternatives and non-traditional methods can be considered as a special box for accommodation of greenery in the middle of the table or on the wall. And, of course, one of the most important parts is the work island, through which you can have a fantastic kitchen in the future.

Integrated green box