11 ideas for decorating empty basement

15 Basement Decorating Ideas (How To Guide)


The magnificent cellar arrangement ideas. Cinema in the basement of the house.
If your private home basement performs the warehouse or empty, it's time to think about a rational use of space and make it a game, a movie theater, a relaxation area and a bar. These 11 ideas will inspire you to make good changes.

Wonderful bright rooms in the basement.

A great place to relax.

The magnificent cellar arrangement ideas.

Wonderful Lounge Nouveau "."

The original design of the game room for the girls.

Large basement with a magnificent light design.

Great way to turn an old dusty cellar into a saga.

A room with plush furniture and a big soft mat on the floor.

Bright room for socializing in regular basements.
It is known that the theme of his bar, arranged in the basement of his house, has long awakened the minds of owners of large cellars who dream of equipping an elegant and cozy bar.