15 inspirerende ideeën voor het interieur dat zal helpen om zich thuis voelen

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Each of us is familiar with the suppressed emotional state that occurs with the arrival of autumn and winter. Researchers have found that the reason for this lies in reducing the duration of daylight. Sunlight has a powerful positive impact on the human body. Clear path of light coming into the house from the street – very clean furniture and plants from the windows, change the curtains dense and mobile. Obstacles to the sun's rays and becomes a layer of dust on the windows. Wash windows at least twice a year – is necessary.

The most common hall for some reason does not perceive a full part of living space. As a result, the room turns into a warehouse of worthless things. Do not forget that the first impression – the most powerful and hallway – is what we see right after the entrance to the house. Therefore, hall decor is no less important than the arrangement of the other rooms.

Communicating with animals is a win-win solution for those who lack positive feelings at home. But start a pet – not the best solution for busy people or often absent. The compromise version can be living plants. Among them, many types of which require a minimum of maintenance, for example, suckulents. If this option seems too energy-intensive, put on a visible spot a vase and make it a rule that there must always be at least one new flower.

When you start the day, spend it. Take for habit Therefore, the first action taken in the morning, makes zastilanie bed. So the subconscious becomes a clear signal that the coming day will be active and orderly. Alternatively you can relax the crop bed during the day or at night, when sleep is not much desirable – much nicer.

Each house has a slight failure – leaky Crane, a broken door handle, will not open the box Interaction with these items requires additional effort and causes irritation. Do not wait until they are completely gone. Mark a few hours for repair details, and its completion will be staying in the house is much nicer.

Among everyday life and movement, it is important to take time immersion in his inner world. Make it turned into a cozy twist, equipped according to personal preferences. Although the list does not contain housing deserves a large area, to create a personal relaxation department still works. Alternatives – a lot. Make-up table with your favorite toilet items, to a place read on a wide windowsill, a comfortable chair next to a mini-couch

Most of us have a good relationship with others, making you feel happy. So try to get to know and become friends with the neighbors. Even a few formal phrases that you exchanged for landing greatly improve the mood. If close contact with neighbors is not included in your plans, at least, do not try to deal with them in conflicts.

Even the inhabitant metropolis timesHon misses his usual life in the country. But regular trips to nature are minorities. An easy way to approach it – to use natural materials in finishing and decoration of the house. This inner solution will allow a piece to join the atmosphere of natural calm.

More talk about the impact on healthy dietary life is not worth it, because this fact is well known. So just organizing your home to realize the right eating habits was easiest. Candy in a vase of the kitchen can be replaced with fresh fruit, and on the window board – grown herbs to the table. There are useful and modern appliances designed for cooking healthy foods – yogurt, juice extractor, steamer. Place them in a prominent place, rather than on the far shelf and use as often as possible.

The proximity to the natural elements gives a feeling of harmony. Move to the lake or to set home fireplace – a radical solution, which can not realize all. So pay attention to the original home decoration. Thus, the sorrow of a miniature fountain, installed on the coffee table, relaxing. For the more active – flames desktop cookware, always staying on the move. The ultra compact size of this fireplace makes it possible to use it even in a standard apartment.

The modern man stored gigabyte images on electronic media. But these virtual files are seen so often. Although this practice can be an excellent source of positive emotions. Therefore, we recommend to include in the inner space for small things that cause pleasant associations. It can be family photos, holiday souvenirs, gifts relatives.