17 amazing examples use stones landscaping

Chic Garden Landscaping Rocks 17 Best Ideas About
Chic Garden Landscaping Rocks 17 Best Ideas About River Rock Landscaping On Pinterest Rock


Wonderful examples of the use of stones in the garden design.
Gray lifeless stones in different size sheets become a real decoration of the garden and courtyard. With due diligence, even stones can add color to the landscape. Our little review will describe examples of how to best use the rocks in landscape design.

A small garden, decorated with colored stones.
Stones and colored stones can create amazing decorations and beautifully away the beauty of the plant.

Stone tree with few plants.
Elegant stone flower garden with a small number of plants.

Damm, decorated with stones.
Common stones and large stone blocks are perfect for decorating a decorative pond in a summer house.

Bowl of water at the place of stone stone.
Wonderful playground, like a chessboard made of concrete slabs, lawn and dark stones. At the center of the area, it is a luxury dish, from which the water flows continuously.

Garden of the bright rocks and plants.
Garden, sprinkled with fine gravel, decorated with light river gravel and large stone blocks.

Neat bed, decorated with pebbles.
Neat bed with landscaped plants and clear borders, decorated with white stones.

Tiny flower bed with plants and stones.
A small playground at the house with neatly low plants, decorated with stone stones.

Stone patio.
Spacious deck with steps and a stone grill.

The flow of natural stone.

Garden in Japanese-style rocks.

Garden of sand and black stones. According to Japanese tradition in the sand rake makes special trails symbolize water.

Backyard decorated with stones, gravel and marble fields.
An amazing combination of pure green lawn with the decor of large rocks, river gravel and marble fields.

Stone and gabions.
Landscape with natural stones and gabions.

The supporting wall of stone.
Very nice appearance of stone supporting walls in combination with rich greenery.

Artificial pond.
Wonderful pond, decorated with stone blocks will be an elegant interior cottage or country house.

Continues the theme of the story of the 17 great ideas of arrangement of the patio.

The combination of stone gravel and stone.
Elegant platform of white stones and bricks.