17 great ideas for design and organization space a small kitchen

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Simple trick to make a small kitchen.
The construction of a small kitchen filled with a number of problems. The lack of space can put in veto any wishes of the owner. To ensure that everything is possible, you must come to a small kitchen with the right side of the equipment. How best to do this, we look at those collected in our material example.

Independent kitchen cabinet.
Complete kitchen with work surface, several shelves, stands for dishes and a variety of cabinets in a single cabinet.

Custom kitchen island.
Popular now kitchen completelyIt fits into the interior of a small kitchen. However, its function can take a narrow wooden table, equipped with a shelf for dishes and kitchen utensils.

The original workspace.
Equip a small kitchen in the first place, think about the comfort and functionality of the furniture. Two-level workspace fits perfectly into a modest location. At the top level you can place small household appliances, and the bottom – for cooking and family dinners.

Organization of the working space in the kitchen.
The main rule in a small kitchen – order and comfort. Kitchen utensils most convenient store next to the stove. Long roof railing, crossing the plate is perfect for storage sheets, turtles, sleeves, whips and even small boilers.

Shelf under the ceiling.
Do not even neglect some free space. For example, an open shelf under the roof is perfect for storing food storage or rarely used dishes.

Storage of kitchen utensils on table tops.

Organization of space in the corner.
Usually a blind space in the corner can also be filled by placing it a built-in stove and kitchen fan. This idea will significantly save space in the kitchen.

Kitchen wall with built-in cabinet.
Banks, pots, pans, dishes, household chemistry – this is not a whole arsenal of kitchens delivers a good housewife and all that is needed somewhere to place. To do this, just what we needed, the wall fits with built-in cabinets.

Storage of pots and pans.

Excerpt workspace.
Functional kitchen with pull-out slab will greatly increase the possibility of even the smallest kitchen. Additional area can be used as a dining table, a bar or a place for cooking.

Open cabinets and shelves.
Open cabinets and shelves are better suited for a small kitchen. Use them to store dishes, cups and spices.

Small library.
Hang in the kitchen A simple bookcase for the desired recipes has always been on hand. In addition, cover the bright book becomes real decoration of the wall.

Storage of cereals.
Magnetic plate comfortable and attractive storage of cereals and pasta.

Mobile cabinets.
Owners of small kitchens, it is worth paying attention to mobile cabinets, which can easily be moved around the kitchen for their own convenience.

Compact table.
Compact table with irregular shape – a goddess gift for a small kitchen.

Kitchen set.
The correct kitchen set is able to eliminate the need to buy additional furniture and to save space significantly.

Storage compartment and support.
Disorder – the biggest enemy of all kitchens. To avoid chaos, store spices, cups, cutlery and tiles on different surfaces, which guarantees its place for each thing.