17 great ideas for organization space in bathroom

11 Fantastic Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas! See how you can maximize your bathroom storage: bathroom shelving for storage from 320 Sycamore


For original ideas storage in the bathroom.
Bathroom – a special place in the house as it requires a little space organization. On the one hand, this is a place where people live and, on the other hand, a real hozblok. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on the toilet. We gathered in a review of the best ideas that help clean the mess in the bathroom.

Partial Hanger on root shot.
On the mirror in the bathroom can accommodate a small robe hanger, ideal for storage of pins, elastic, sponges, combs and jewelry.

Keeping small things in flower pots.
Place cams, toiletries and toothbrushes can be in small flower pots. This budget storage system looks stylish and original.

Shelving with hooks.

Compact shelf with hooks, perfect for the interior of a small bathroom. It hooks you can hang towels and bathrobes and seat on top of toiletries and personal hygiene products.

Wooden shelf-table.
A small wooden shelf makes lasting treatment of water as comfortable as possible. It is possible to place a book, a glass of wine and a telephone. In addition, such a rack is easy to do with their hands.

The open shelf under the sink.
Open the chrome shelf under the sink is less burdensome than the usual stand. However, this shelf can hold a lot of necessary things.

Cabinet over the toilet.
You can use the space over the toilet for the spacious living cabinet. This cabinet will determine not only the issue of storage necessities, but also become a decorative element of the original bathroom.

Exposed wooden shelves.
Lots of narrow shelves near the sink to help solve the problem of storage of cosmetic accessories.

Round dressing table.
The original make-up with built-in cupboards will be a wonderful decoration in the bathroom.

Niche with shelves.
Additional shelves can be hidden in a special niche in the wall. These shelves will make the space more functional bathroom.

Outdoor wall cabinet.
Add free cosmetics and perfumes can open the cupboard next to the sink.

an old cabinet and stairs new life.

Original storage system.
Plastic bugs are attached to the wall to help solve the problem of storing small things in the bathroom.

A perfect example of conversion of an old cabinet in the wardrobe of the old-fashioned bathroom. A worn staircase can make an original towel dryer.

Narrow tile over the toilet.
Washing machine – a necessary thing in the bathroom, but it takes a lot of space. To solve this problem, hang the washing machine above the toilet.

Plastic container for storage.
Personal plastic containers for storing personal hygiene will help restore and maintain the order in the bathroom.