17 inspiring examples design modern bathroom

Inspiration for a small modern master white tile and subway tile marble floor and gray floor


Fancy interior bathroom.
Fitted bathrooms greatly affect the bathroom. Bathroom – it is one of the places in the house, which must be different cozy and comfort. From this, in turn, depends on the mood of the owner. Till it has always been good that the arrangement in the bathroom should be handled with great responsibility.

Bathroom with marble.
The spacious marble bathroom with a large shower and independent bath.

Bathroom furniture.
Modern bathroom – it's nothing more than a place for laundry. This is a place for rest, relaxation and enjoyment. Dear curtains, soft armchairs, spacious bathrooms and other accessories will help create a truly luxurious and cozy interior.

Small bathroom in modern style.
Careful planning and a responsible approach to the choice of plumbing and accessories – the key to the creation of comfort even in the smallest bathroom.

Bath in brown tones.
Bathroom in white and brown tones with an unusual layout.

Black and white bath.
The modern black and white pool, the centerpiece of which was the incredibly beautiful bathtub built into the floor.

The bathroom in the style of Provence.
A Provence style – a combination of simplicity, elegance and charm. Lightweight chiffon curtains, light fabrics and natural materials in the interior create an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

Stylish design small bathroom.
Elegant and comfortable bathroom with shower, comfortable sofas and a coffee table.

Turquoise accents in the design of bright bathrooms.
Spray boring interior bathroom helps bright furniture and accessories. For example, cabinet saturated turquoise paint fits perfectly into the interior bright bathrooms.

Luxury bath in coffee shades.
The magnificent interior of a bathroom, decorated in shades of coffee, with an unusual layout and modern decor.

WC in a country style.
Light green wall decoration will calm your nerves and help you relax and juicy green textiles will make the inner feather fresh.

Vibrating expressive bathroom furnishings.
More often than not, providing use in bathroom ceramic tiles one or two colors. Modern bathrooms break all stereotypes. Light plastic panels, the original furniture and bathrooms allow you to create a unique interior.

Bathroom, immersed in greenery.
The spacious bathroom with a light carpet, nice wooden furniture and a lot of different plants in pots.

Original interior plumbing in the bathroom.
Small bathroom, the highlight of which was plumbing fancy metallic paint.

Bathroom in glamor style.
Bathroom combined with one bedroom – the trend in design, which quickly accelerates.

3D floor in the bathroom.
Technique for creating self-leveling floors with 3D effect for a long time is not new and is known to many. These floors accentuate the interior of the bathroom, make a room interesting and comprehensive.