18 wonderful christmas cards that can be made even by a child

Do you send Christmas cards? Well maybe you


Remnants of yarn for knitting may come into use, which of them a Christmas card with your own hands. Cut a triangle of cardboard, which will be Christmas tree, generously lubricate it with glue and wrap with colored thread. The more colors of yarn to be used – the better. Then stick to the usual grain short and, if desired, garnish with extra.

Pieces of light fabrics to create a useful postcard. Choose textiles that will not break. Cut out simple shapes of fabric – Christmas trees, christmas greens, animals – and hold white cards. Contrasting color combination looks most impressive.

Fans will appreciate restrained minimalism, while pectacular postcards where the Christmas tree branches are made of paper strips. The only decoration is a postcard decorative stitch on the paper and twigs frame at the edges of its front.

Lace white becomes snowy gray and glueed sequins on it – Christmas balls. For background paper, use some pastel shade or textured fabric such as sack cloth.

Even a simple sketch on a Christmas card chances impressive. To see noble cards, pay attention to the correctness of their application. We also recommend using brute crafting or pure white glossy paper.

An easy way to make a short volume – syllable paper figure a suture that passes through the middle and folds the edges. Can be used and several shapes of the same shape, their common stitched seam, and one of them gives rise to a background. Then the picture becomes more extensive.

It is not necessary as a basis for cards used white paper and make light applications. Make the opposite, and decorative composition sparkle with new colors.

For the inscription and image, choose color that contrasts with the paper base. The intricate and decorative letters are – the better. Be sure to surround it with small simple drawings.