20 items that allow you to create luxurious bath your dreams



20 elements that will create a luxurious bath of your dreams
Of course, you can find a luxurious bathroom with a view on her. It differs from unusual decor, expensive materials, original design solutions. Nevertheless, there are 20priznakov you know that you can build and in an apartment the bathroom of your dreams.

spacious bathroom

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The spacious bathroom will be seelegant, despite the construction. But it's not just square meters. The most important thing – to create the visual illusion of space, and this can be achieved even in a small bathroom with the aid of some tricks.

Since most bathrooms are not here there is a big movie, big windows in them simply are not available, so the views are limited. A large window will automatically make the bathroom a luxury, at least thanks to strong sunlight.

marble wall

Correct finish and texture


Although the bathroom obviously can not boast of its kind, some ornamental elements can correct the situation. This can be the original mirror frame or a sculptural chair.

expensive material

contrast texture

The right blend of textures helps to give the bathroom a luxurious look. Radiant flooring, matte zebra print, airy tulle – and it was a suite of dreams.

deeper bathtub

Everything that seems unusual is considered to be original and luxurious. For example, such an element can be built into a bathroom floor. If you consider the entire interior as a whole, it is possible to achieve the desired effect.

Lighting can provide the desired effect in the bathroom in two ways. On the one hand, the light can only pour the bath, on the other hand, the light direction dovt gives the same result.

accent lighting,

Typically, the design of the bathroom is designed for space saving and functionality. Therefore, an independent bathtub, transformed into a composite core, Tutu also becomes a sign of luxury.

Standing Tub

If you take care of decorations, not sacrifice to save space, it will help decorate the room, giving a unique charm. Relief panel between mirrors can be a wonderful solution. Accent lighting, which is part of the floor, also an element of luxury.

Installed usually in the bathroom or bath or shower, and sometimes you can find it, both. And if you choose a unique beautiful model, the space immediately becomes a luxury. This can be an interesting mix of natural materials and original forms.

natural decorations

As already mentioned, luxury use proposes natural materials, textures and colors. However, it is not only in the visual effects produced. This combination is never out of date.

light design

Simple but strategic element used helps to create a bright and spectacular interior.