24 ideas create mini garden at home



Examples of beautiful mini gardens at home.
Doing a mini garden with their own hands is not too difficult. Such beauty is appealing to the eye and diversifies the interior of the apartment or house. Set mini gardens can be both indoors and outdoors. More creative solutions are gathered in this review that will be inspired.

Perfect for decoration in the room – is to create a mini-garden hanging on the wall.

Nice and simple at the same time see a mini garden, where the flowers are placed in a variety of transparent cans.

Cute and interesting variant construction home mini garden in translucent vases around with crystal clear water.

A very good solution that will definitely have a wonderful atmosphere in the house – it's a mini-garden.

Cute mini version of the design of the garden to place it in a frame, which in turn will adorn it.

Cute mini version of multi-level garden, which will appeal to all lovers of potted plants.

Cute design variant with spices wall – nice and simple.

A great alternative for creating a mini garden on the balcony – and a whole new solution in the design of the balconies.

Euro – a good alternative mini-garden design home on the balcony.

The light window seat is fitted with shelves, which are ideally located for a mini-pots of the garden.

Decorative "light" with a mini garden inside – a perfect solution for design solutions.

Cute mini version of the design of the garden in a suspended form in a light bulb.

A good alternative for growing their own hands spices at home.

A nice solution to comfortably arrange a mini garden to place it in the bucket of the same size.

An interesting and comfortable way to design a mini garden in the kitchen will have a lot of soul.

A great option for creating a mini garden and placing it in an unusual way.

Pretty version of mini-garden design in the living room or in the bedroom – in limbo.

A good version of a mini-garden design on the wall of the pallet.

Pretty alternative for creating a mini garden with legs in the form of decorated chairs.
In addition, you should pay and when the decorator arrangement is on a variety of interesting ideas. This idea may be: 18 inspiring examples of the transformation of unnecessary things in great decoration for home and garden.