25 incredibly cool idea for those who have small bathroom

25 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Creating Modern Bathrooms and Increasing Home Values I WANT THAT TUBE/SHOWER PICTURED. It just like my bathroom with


Interesting ideas for a small bathroom

A small bathroom requires constant optimization space. For shampoos, gels and cosmetics gets bigger, but the space is not placed in the room. Therefore, malogabaritok owners are constantly required to experiment and invent something new. This has its advantages, as you know, only new ideas paint and freshen the interior. We found many inspirational examples to help intelligently optimize space in a small bathroom.

Ladders in the bathroom, because the system storage

Another option for using a staircase in the bathroom

mobile shelves

Stylish storage in the bathroom

Vertical storage in the bathroom
The safest way to put as much care as possible – organize vertical storage. To do this, open shelves come in handy small format, mobile shelves, hanging cabinets and compact angle shelves. Even the most common steps can completely cope with the storage role. A bath to the interior was not boring, it is desirable to choose furniture and bright colors to paint about their own. Such decorative objects will act as color stains and create a good mood.

Storage in the shower room
You must use the full potential of smoothing rooms and squeeze out of it. Therefore, under storage space you need to use over the bath, toilet, in the shower and under the sink. Here are these assistants hanging shelves, metal containers and rails.

Storage over the toilet

Shelves for storage above the toilet

Storage under the sink

Unusual use of baguette

Storage near bath

Nice and unusual storage of towels in the bathroom

Hidden towel rack

Organizer for storing towels and personal hygiene items

Hidden storage system in the bathroom

Mirror with storage system
There is a wide variety of ideas that can change the interior of a small bathroom. The most important thing that they briefly fit into the space and appealing to the eye.

Elegant cabinets in the bathroom

Storage of toilet paper

The elegant glass cans for storage toothbrushes

Laconic Storage System

Lakonic and elegant

Hanging storage organizer for brushes

An interesting idea for a small bathroom
By the way, to upgrade the interior of the bathroom can quickly and too little money. We found 7 cool ideas worth a look.