30 original furnishings with their hands

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Interesting ideas, which will decorate the house and please the eye.
Decorating the room can not only buy furniture, but also to make it's own. Because it does not have to be famous designers. Sometimes it's enough to include imagination and courage for a couple of experiments with materials and colors.

Light cloth created with color pens, beautiful decoration for all rooms.

Interesting design of bottles of wine, which will adorn the room interior.

Sweet table whose legs are made of wine bottles – a creative solution.

Great idea to hide the doll for iPhone in the book.

A good alternative for issuing stand in the form of typographical characters.

Shadow with their hands of cardboard gaverirovannogo.

A good example of decorating the room with light trees is created with their own hands.

Beautiful and simple options for creating a family tree of paper on the wall of the room.

Roy butterflies wrapped chandeliers, which are simply charming and beautiful.

Beautiful decorative mirrors decorated with roses will delight the eye in every interior.

Comfortable and very nice leather organizer will appeal to creative individuals.

Cute vase decorated in a marine style – very elegant and comfortable.

An interesting solution for the decoration of the Easter table, which is simple and cute at the same time.

Light cherry color mirror in the sun shape suitable for the bedroom or living room.

Wooden candlesticks, which are created with their own hands will adorn all rooms.

Decorate any cutlery which in turn will create the effect of novelty.

Cute Green Dreamcatcher creates magically in the room that is located.

Easy option to lift the mirror – is to decorate it with coins.

An interesting option for creating a table top with the old clock.

Bright and cute bird cages that are possible to build with their own hands.

Easter wreath with hands decorate Easter general atmosphere in all rooms.

Excellent choice of expressions to create unusual and interesting inscriptions on the eggs.

Wine bottle can be a great material for creating bird cages.