35 modern kitchens scandinavian style from best designers in world

11 Scandinavian New Home Design DIY Ideas. By Katie. Danish and Scandinavian interior design isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Here's how to get the Scandi


35 modern kitchens in Scandinavian design from the best designers in the world
The fine with Scandinavian design it is possible to admire, without even realizing it until the end, in what style decorated rooms. Found in difficult conditions in the north style demanded simplicity, efficiency, functionality and elegance. Therefore, it is only perfect for decoration kitchen fittings. We offer 35 great examples that show that the Nordic style – not just a restraint and minimalism, and a riot of colors.

Cozy kitchen in Scandinavian style

White – the reason for the Scandinavian style

The kitchen in a Scandinavian style with a black plate

The gray shades in the interior of the kitchen Kvik Denmark

Spark all over the world, Scandinavian style. I pull up the local features and turn into one of the most popular and enjoyable in the world. Its essence lies in the purity of the lines, minimalism, which absorbs heat of wood, freshness colors and the beauty of texture.

Kitchen in a Scandinavian style – a combination of formal functionality, filled with a friendly atmosphere. Breaking stereotypes about limited budget and the fact that Scandinavian design fits into any existing style. It not only lets you quickly transform the kitchen, but also add space, style and elegance.

Real kitchen lighting in white

The kitchen in a Scandinavian style with rustic touches

Kitchen Scandinavian style in white

The kitchen in the style of a shade kitchen Kitchen

Kitchen and dining area in Scandinavian style

Modern minimalism Dan Kitchens Australia

Colorful dishes in the kitchen

The colors and patterns in Scandinavian style

Interior food from Jodie Cooper Design

Add color to the kitchen. Scandinavian style, is much easier than in the living room or bedroom. Original dishes with floral patterns, pastel colors, reminiscent of a warm summer, bright yellow or green on a neutral background – these are the most popular options. If the walls are covered with white tiles, you should consider sometime to add a multicolored geometric tile or wallpaper, to break the monotonin.

The white kitchen with red accent on Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction

The kitchen in Kungsäter Kök Göteborg

Small kitchen in the corner of the estate Architects

The kitchen of Jacek Tryc – wnętrza

The kitchen in the wind

If the kitchen is small (which often happens in the majority), and should be used literally every centimeter of space for good use, while Scandinavian style – the best choice. Unlike other styles, he fits miraculously in extremely small kitchens, and a large catalog alternative. Thanks to minimalism, organization and moderation, which are its integrated features, it never creates a problem when working with him.

The little kitchen under the stairs

The kitchen in Josina Bergsøe

Kitchen in Terrat Elms Interior

Modular furniture, graceful flow shelf ergonomic work surface put functionality over the mold. This is why the kitchen is in a Scandinavian style. With a small kitchen for all the surplus is almost no place. It has only the most necessary. But giving Scandinavian style absolutely no askes. To give the interior a personality helps a pot plant or a nice vase.

If a traditional white color is boring, you want something special that stands out beyond the usual Scandinavian style, has the ability to prove yourself. Even the black color is not widely used in the design of interior, in this case, to a reasonable and creative approach, such a choice would be relevant. It will help shape space, emphasizing architectural elements creates visual contrast. Black tables, cooker hood, an island, oven comes original compound center on a neutral background. If black seems too dark, try the dark tone in gray or blue.

The black color in Scandinavian style

The kitchen in a Scandinavian style with floating shelves

It is not necessary to abandon the black one

Many people like to combine with Scandinavian style or modern design. It does not matter. The main thing is what you need to take care of, it's the lighting in the room. It is either refining or "killing" the interior. Large windows – this is a prerequisite for this style. The flow of sunlight should be continuous and powerful. Be sure to think of creative lighting and warm lighting. The best choice would be interesting metallic model.

The kitchen of Susan Serra

Kitchen with working island on wheels

classic Scandinavian style plates

One of the main advantages of the Scandinavian style is that it does not dictate the terms. Its neutral background, a simple form and functionality makes it easy to change styles and themes. Thus, in time, it is possible to renew the kitchen in a practical, accessible and discreet industrial style.