5 multi functional beds for smallest spaces

5 Ways to Make a Small Room Multifunctional


Beds for small spaces

When in an apartment or in a small bedroom space, you must choose a bed that performs multiple functions. What to choose and what should be the sleeping in malogabaritki? We found the most interesting and practical solutions.

Three in one

Bed, wardrobe and a bookcase in a furniture

Bed for malogabaritki
This bed is designed by the French designers Bureau of Parisot. They have created a versatile furniture that performs multiple functions. It serves as a bed, a wardrobe and a bookcase. This is ideal for studio or studio apartments.

nice wardrobe
Not every apartment has the ability to wardrobe or to arrange a locker room. So you need to find out some options. Italian designers from Dielle invented a bed that is fully equipped as a stylish wardrobe. In addition, there is still a bedside table that makes it possible to put a night, alarm clock, water or put down the book.

Nice wardrobe in bed

Functional beds

successful disguise
In odnushku often necessary bed. For these purposes, the French Bureau of BedUp created with lifting bed. At night sleeper cabin it falls to the floor, and during the daytime, when not used for its intended purpose, rises to the ceiling.

Germany's Mira Schröder created a table for hundreds of times to relieve her life. She has a lot of work in her own design studio, and she is often delayed by the end. Then she came up with a comfortable table with the features of the bed, not to return home through the dark streets.

Bed table
What happens if the bedroom is in the living room? There are 19 different ways to zone space and make room for the bed!