5 unusual types of cladding that be popular 2016

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SIG Design & Technology Why is Zinc Roofing and Cladding so popular with Architects?


Unusual and elegant feed

Wall and wallpapers – is already banal and simple. At Stone, says modern designers. They do not rest on their warehouses and constantly develop new and exciting types of clothing. We gathered in a survey of five innovative and unusual materials, which according to forecasts will be on top of popularity this year.

Concrete slabs in the interior

Stylish panels that decorate the inside

Unusual plates of concrete

Concrete slabs kaza

Concrete panel new generation
With the popularization of loft style in the interior, advanced materials such as concrete, leather and metal display. British designers could not pass any of these materials, their attention has taken concrete. They decided to use it for the production of three-dimensional geometric tiles, which can change the visual space and make it very interesting. Kaza brand designers not only play shapes, but also the color and even the texture of the concrete, making it smooth and glossy.

Volumetric modular tile with unusual effect
Italian designer Christina Vetsini (CristinaVezzini) created the original modular tile that is perfect for the course of different sizes. For example, in a small room, it will create additional volume and fill the airspace. When you create a material inspired by Christina beauty mountain scenery, texture stones, their neotёsannostyu and some hesitancy.

Volume plates by Cristina Vezzini

About the creation of plates inspired by mountains and rocks

Tray from Lapelle

White leather panels

Marble of Lithos Design

Unusual and luxurious finish

presentable surface

In 2016, designers sing the beauty of texture material. And it has not been without a carved processing of natural stone tiles. Lithos Design Designers admire the beautiful natural materials and consider it their duty to make them true masterpieces of interior art.

Stone interior that captures

Trays of Lithos Design

chopped panel
Another innovation – embroidery and lace on marble. This type of finish is offered by Italian designer Enzo Berti (Enzo Berti). His work is worthy of attention!