6 main whales interior design help beginners

The right furniture is the perfect start to styling a kid's bedroom. Pillowfort's Finn headboard


6 main whale furnishings: to help beginners
Everyone perceives the decor as a process in which boring and uninteresting houses are transformed into a luxurious and comfortable accommodation. It is only to achieve such a result, it is necessary to know the basics of this process, in order to address the fundamental principles underlying.

symmetrical harmony

asymmetrical harmony

Symmetrical harmony. Half of the room is a mirror image of the other half. Thanks to the comfortable interior, an orderly, appealing to the eye formed its systematic.

Asymmetrical harmony. During the second half of the room furniture or architectural elements look different, but carry the same visual load. For example, black color visually heavier than green and two sofas visually heavier than some places.

radial harmony

accent interior

Painting as a composition center

Sofas are the frame of a picture. Is a composition of the middle of the room. White walls and ceilings are the perfect contrast background.

Contrast in the interior

contrast textures

Shape and color and mix easily create a variety of options for the interior. Even a minimalist Scandinavian style and contrast, another room becomes completely faceless. Also decorated in a color interior furniture straight lines contrast with the rounded, fabric with bamboo.

negative space

positive space

Positive and negative space. Positive space is determined by color, furniture, paintings, carpets. Negative space – a void, the white sector, which redirects attention to the compositional center.

Rhythm – a visual flow, will appear to move smoothly around the room. It is formed in several ways. Repeat – reuse of certain objects or decorative elements. For example, fishbowl patterns can be repeated on the dress sofas and wallpaper on the shelf can be a series of similar vases or trough books.

Rhythm in the interior

Alternation module sofa with varying green and white sections, a small round table between the two chairs will help achieve the same desired effect.

alternating element

Development – Decorative elements are arranged according to their size, from small to large, or according to sloping colors.

Decoration should correspond to each other. Too big topic to suppress everyone else.

Interior living room

Integrity – is what makes the interior perceived in the complex. To do this, each element must fulfill its purpose, not one loose beyond the planned and not distracting attention. Do not be afraid to draw their own interior of their home. Feel free to experiment, like the Maryland family. The family home can be a wonderful example to follow.