7 de laatste trends in keukenontwerp die niet toegestaan ​​zijn om te missen

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The coming year – it's time to go standard standard colors that were so bored! Add kitchen decoration with fresh paint. Pump, subdued yellow or blue color designers recommend complementing the neutral shades – from white to black, including graphite. To be a trend, choose moderate brightness color – not exciting, but not pastel.

A couple of years ago nobody could have come to mind, the black color will be fashionable in kitchen design. And today the world-renowned manufacturer of interior items, for example, the Danish company VIPP, Italian Minacciolo, German ALNO or BEECK, let the entire collection of kitchen furniture and accessories, stored in black. In fashion, no hint of old-fashioned or excessive self-control, which is traditionally associated with the black color, is updated. Simple but nice shapes combined with complex structures of matt plastic and metal – the kitchen-2017 looks black. It was in its design and without a small touch of retro style.

Particular attention is paid to modern furniture for kitchen faucets, sinks and other appliances, made in black. This fashion trend in kitchen design not only looks very unusual, but also pleases with its practicality!

What do those who make decisions or quake do, or the radical seems too radical? Do not despair! As if they have made a nice surprise. It's a gray, or it's also called "color millionaires." The undeniable advantages of gray can be attributed to the practicality and ability to be the perfect backdrop for any decor and accessories. Even the usual kitchen accessories on a gray background become a real artwork.

Surely there are those who are, and gray. It does not seem harmonic solution. Then we recommend to highlight white, dominiruyushy in collections from manufacturers and Allmilmo Bauformat kitchens. A novelty in the design of the kitchen makes living details. Stains of yellow, orange, light blue and light green live up cold white perfection. Of course, this furniture looks impressive. But before they buy do not forget to rate it in terms of practicality.

Step-by-step vertical garden and small kitchen design. For example, architects SABO studio set up in the kitchen living wall hardy plants. A Ukrainian designers from Svoya not afraid to go even further, turning the kitchen into a real conservatory. If these solutions seem to be too intricate or scare their unique, refer to the old good classic – the plants in pots. But because kitchen design looks at relevant and consistent trends in 2017, choose a non-standard form of the model.

In recent years, it seemed like a modern kitchen- is necessarily half pasted room with an area of ​​several tens of square meters. Therefore, most of us had to mentally come to terms with the fact that the trend of becoming owner in the kitchen – not fate. But the current trend is encouraging those who are not lucky enough to live in a big house: compact kitchenette slowly begins to be fashionable.

Next year has the potential to go to history cookie design, a time when the sharp geometric shapes allow the leading position smooth shape. For example, experts from Rational created furniture for the kitchen, the design is dominated by soft curves. But still to mention 2017 full-time care of the geometry of the world's fashion trends in interior design has not yet been achieved. Forms of current models of kitchen furniture – a clear geometry, like rounded edges. Straight lines still dominant in kitchen design.

Company ALNOCERO Concretto, winner of the 2016Tyska award "winner" in the "Excellent Product. Kitchen" category stands out among its competitors boldness using materials. The composite blend that simulates concrete texture was a real breakthrough in the design of kitchen furniture. In addition to its extravagant appearance, its advantages – resistance to high temperatures and mechanical damage.

In the ranking of the signage material in the design of the kitchen construct concrete and other manufacturers of kitchen furniture. But KH SYSTEM MÖBEL softens the string's concrete warm natural wood colors.

Unbelievable but true: decorative plates with light prints harmoniously fit into almost any kitchen interior! Fashion trends 2017 welcome to use colorful tiles in a variety of varieties – for finishing kitchen apron, flooring, walls But only in those cases without kitchen decorations looks cozy enough or dynamic.

Now fashion in kitchen design became one step closer! It's time to deal with 10 trendy interior trends 2017, which you need to know today.