7 ways make interior cozy and comfortable all respects

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How to make an interior cozy and comfortable in all respects?

How to visually raise the cuts is low, from the feeling of tightness and makes the interior as comfortable as possible? Sometimes it seems that it's simply impossible, but in fact, the space can change for the better with the help of some simple techniques.

Mirrors in this space will come in handy
Interiors, where there are no windows, suffer from light, so you must firstly consider good lighting. Even a small space so it will appear bigger and more spacious. And in order to give the inner perspective, look at decorative mirrors, in particular, to a flooring model.

Curtains on the floor to make a low ceiling visually higher
Sometimes low ceilings reduce visual space, thus removing from the comfort of the interior. The right position to help the curtains on the floor, the most important thing that they were moderately tall. Traditionally, between floors and draperies should be a small space, about two centimeters.

original lighting
The sources of light do not need a lot of harmony and dullness. You can dream up and buy some fixtures of interesting shape, or give light in different colors. With the interior lighting will look original and elegant.

The symmetrical arrangement of lamps gives the interior harmony
It is necessary to properly choose the pieces of furniture underneath certain space. Furniture size will disappear in a large room at that time, so bulky looks uncomfortable in small spaces. It is also one of the most important satellites of harmony in the inner symmetry. To achieve that, you can put several identical lamps on either side of the sofa in the living room.

Do not buy attractive but impractical furniture
In the small interior furniture should be extremely practical and concise. Do not buy things that look visually appealing, but they are extremely dysfunctional. The furniture will only take up space, so better giving preference to the most comfortable options.