a feast for soul mini garden a jar with my hands

DIY Succulent Fairy Garden


A party to the soul: a mini-garden on the bank with their hands
All residents in urban-breaking communication with nature. At the first moment of a city everyone wants to breathe fresh air, to fly from it's life and move and just go barefoot on the grass. Unfortunately, such a "celebration of the soul" succeeds in arranging one not so often. That's why you can try to fix the area wildly in your own apartment.

Mini-garden on the bank with their hands

Selection of the necessary materials

Since most small restricted homes, then choose a couple of square meters for the conservatory is not possible. A way out can be a mini-garden, created with their own hands. It can fit on any transparent container, such as a conventional glass jar. This is the power even a beginner gardener.

To create a mini garden needs: 1. Glass jar of all sizes2. Small stones (sufficient to fill the bottom of the banks) 3. The soil is suitable for selected plants4. Plants, succulents or other hardy plants that do not require a lot of nutrients and water

small seashells

Preparation of material

Plants, succulents

The next step is to choose plants that I would like to put in the bank. You can take a small aloe and all kinds of small suckulents. Before planting you must ensure that all selected plant root system is well developed.

The stones are stacked clean can

and poured into the ground

Then sprinkle a soil layer about 2.5 cm or more in height. Use your finger to make a hole in the ground at the places where you want to plant. Add them.

sadim plants

After planting, add the compositions painted "Sponges", shells and rocks, spreading them around the plants. Do not stack up too many items, leaving at least 1 cm of space around each plant.

The composition is complete! It is easy to manufacture and elegant. Such a mini garden is very convenient, it can be moved from place to place, if needed. It should be watered twice a week and make the street or stand in the sun 2-3 times a week.

The composition is complete!

Such a mini-garden can not only beautify windows in an apartment, it will look good at the desk in the office, on the kitchen table, in the nursery. Be creative, surround yourself with beautiful and original things and create well-being with your own hands! Enjoy a piece of nature that can be touched without leaving the room! Reschervuare In a similar, but with the lid, you can create a stunning aquatic ecosystem.

Mini-garden on the bank with their hands