a luxury home wheels, where you can comfortably accommodate 11 people at once



Luxury Trailer Company Winnebago.
"Luxury is in the details" – that's what approval chose a motto Winnebago, engages in production class "luxury" car trains. The models manufactured by this brand are considered full-bodied houses on wheels. To go on a journey on such highway freight, you can bring another 10 friends, each of which is a special place.

Winnebago Ultra – «luxury» class highway freighter.
Model Trailers Winnebago Ultrasound is characterized by high comfort, luxury and at the same time a simple layout. Attention to detail is a fundamental factor in the production of motor homes. The owners will not even remember that they are in the way, and feel at home.

Winnebago Ultralite. Bed with orthopedic mattress.
In this model, Trailers can accommodate up to 11 people. For the hosts equipped with a separate bedroom with king-size bed and a comfortable orthopedic mattress. Guests can live in floor shelves arranged on both sides of the house on wheels.

Dining table in auto trailers.

A bathroom, where you can watch everything that happens and, at the same time, being discreet.

The aerodynamic shape of BodySlepFordon Winnebago Ultralite.
The aerodynamic streamline housing reduces air resistance, saving fuel. Stabilizer suspension bridge reduces vibrations while driving, giving owners a comfortable stay in auto trailers. The cost of this luxury camper is $ 85,000.

Winnebago Ultralite. Accommodates guests.

Winnebago Ultralite. Comfortable kitchen robust.
The kitchen is designed for small things. Many cupboards, fixed worktops, stove, refrigerator. All made of high strength materials.

Winnebago Ultra – and luxury motor cars cost $ 85,000.
Trailers gradually increase in popularity, not only in the United States but also in our country. Top 10 camper vans will help to understand which model is the most comfortable and convenient.