a miniature apartment which live pleasure

6 clever tips to make your tiny apartment feel larger


Cool apartment, 30 square meters

How to make the interior of the apartment is really cool, if its surface is only 30 square meters? This is known American designers, who managed to make a small apartment so comfortable and functional. There was enough space not only for storage and all necessary for living areas, but also for comfort and good mood.

effective zone division
The owner of the home would be a single place, but at the same time he would like to complex the bedroom zone. Hide the dock in odnushke – not an easy task, but in this apartment it managed 100 percent. For this, a board wall, which perfectly transmits light and planned space (without disturbing its unit), implies.

Cozy sunshine odnushke
A small 30-meter flatlet is in Manhattan. Her design studio engaged architects Allen + Killcoyne Architects. They are used to the practical decisions and willingly began to work on this project. First of all, they are attracted to the quadrature apartments and then stretch the layout.

In malogabaritki managed to place a comfortable workplace

Many light sources
Despite the fact that there are two malogabaritkiWindows located on the north side, and not afraid of a lack of lighting in the apartment. With this lack of decided to fight with the aid of the spotlight. Its located on the outer edge of the ceiling, mounted in the middle of large energy-efficient lamps, giving a very strong light. In the kitchen sink area and select the hob. Take together, all the lights played on the visual increase in the interior, making it airy.

To create a single light SpaceArkitekter design interior design in white color scheme, balance their spots of wood. It was here without small spots of color. Their role was Solar decorative pillows and colorful glass vases, located along the open shelves of the TV area.

Storage in the apartment devoted special attention. The kitchen made basic cabinets on demand, placed under some open shelves. The dining room is also a countertop storage. Wall TV in the area does not look overloaded or messy, but it also hides the cells for storage.

Wardrobe has been completely placed in the bedroom, which made several multifunctional cabinets. But in the system the bathroom storage performs roll shell, according to which there are shelves, cabinets and toilet paper holders.

Kitchen and dining room

Under the shelves were installed open shelves

Interior small bathroom

A large mirror and a non-standard plumbing make the room more than
By the way, in the bathroom use immediately authorized methods – hanging a mirror without frame on the carpet, shower area separated by a glass wall, and plumbing picked up non-standard sizes. We picked up another 7 ideas to make life easier for owners of small bathrooms.