a real mans interior which worth looking

A real man is usually always want to look fashionable and attractive, including for matters cave men and their living space. For a single man, the interior


This man's interior, which is worth a look

What should inner men? How to arrange a bachelor apartment? Questions rather a hard but feasible! To answer them, we decided to see a real example – the interior of an area of ​​no more than 44 square meters.

Scandinavian with elements of ceiling

perfect style
The first thing you have to decide on – style interior. It should be so concise, very simple and fully functional. For this small apartment we choose the most appropriate style of these criteria, and designed space in a Scandinavian spirit. But he was not deprived of character, so there are characteristics of the male trends in interior design.

Elegant and practical furniture
Furniture in the decor quite a bit, but everything is extremely functional and durable. Most of all, attention is paid to the leather sofa, an integral part of the wind. Apart from him in the living room there is also an elegant metal chair with leather. spacious dining area is designated table cool design and vintage chairs made of wood.

Elegant dining area

dining area and kitchen

Style in every detail

The gray colors

Black and white photo successfully complete interior

small closet

In this small apartment there are two small areas – a balcony and a bathroom. Despite the small area, the balcony has a cozy seating area. There you can drink tea and read your favorite book or newspaper.

small balcony
The bathroom is made as simple as possible, there is a shower area behind the curtain, all necessary plumbing, as well as practical cabinet with mirrored door (which in turn is equipped with a backlight).