a stylish touch 20 gorgeous floor lamps in interiors living rooms

gray living rooms


The original lightweight matches in modern living room furnishings.
Floor lamp can perform not only practical, but aesthetic features. Do not neglect careful selection of the subject, with the purchase of furniture. Successfully selected lamp can not only be well integrated into the overall situation, but also to change it. What kind of floor lamps should pay attention to, please see our small survey.

Extravagant floor lamps.
Original floor lamp with a solid wood stand and light shaded square.

Lamp in an industrial design.
Elegant floor lamp, like a lighting fixture studio, fits perfectly into the interior of the living room in an industrial style.

Oriental-style floor lamp.
Unusual lamp, like a Chinese paper smelled.

Unique floor lamp with shadow intricate.
Floor lamp with the popular stand in the form of an arc and sophisticated shade of plastic in an eclectic interior space.

Classic-style floor lamp.
Traditional floor lamp with a carved massive tripod and a bright shade fits perfectly into the classic living room d├ęcor.

Bright lamp.
The amazing red lamp was the real highlight in the dining room.

Wooden floor lamp.
Creative floor lamp made of wood.

Floor lamp in nybarock style.
Fantastic floor lamp with tripod decorated with stones, positively accentuate the decor in the style of nybarock and glamor.

Floor lamp in a minimalist style.
Simple floor lamp with curved wooden stand and large textile screen.

Floor lamp, decorated with rattan.
Modern floor lamp with a fantastic shade of rattan.

Floor lamp-hanger.
Elegant and functional lamp, which has an unusual curved design.

Floor lamp made of natural materials.
Original floor lamp with an unusual tripod of the branches.

Floor lamp in the form of a horse.
Fantastic massive floor lamp in the form of a horse will be a highlight for every interior.

Floor lamp with a lampshade decorated with feathers.
Light bulb with a metal frame and lampshade decorated with feathers.

White lamp with an elegant tripod.
Exquisite white lamp with glass cup fills the living room with a soft diffuse light.

Huge floor lamp.
Extravagant floor lamp impressive size, which would be an alternative to the original chandeliers.