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Tiling a bathroom whether the walls or floor is a great way to transform your bathroom with a new look. Ceramic and stone tiles are the most durable when it comes to replacing or installing new tiles. Once properly laid these tiles need almost no care or maintenance accept a little cleaning to keep them looking perfect? Tiles come in a very large variety but the best floor tiles are the stone or porcelain tiles. Granite or marble tiles for the walls will give your bathroom a very distinguished look. Mosaic tiles allow you to customize your design or pattern. Placement of tiles on the floor as well as the walls can be done in innumerable ways, from the continuous design to designs with a decorative border or even a big motif on the wall looks stunning. Sometimes a combination of different tiles gives a very good effect.

Floor Tiles for the Bathroom

Installing floor tiles is quite a simple affair as long as the surface is level, sound and clean of any debris or dust. In fact floor tiles can be installed over any smooth surface be it vinyl flooring or even already placed tiles. Waterproofing is very essential if you are tiling a wet area. Tiles need to be cut when being placed with cutting equipment. The surface should be wiped clean before you start tiling. The floor has to be primed and then a layer of adhesive is spread out and one tile is bedded at a time over the adhesive by pushing firmly in place. While tiling the floor a shower hob has to be created with hebel blocks that are bound together with cement. The most important consideration here is to mark the fall of the level towards the drain or the waste outlet.

Tiles for the Bathroom Walls

When tiling walls you need to be very careful at the edges, the bottom row of the tiles and in the corners. Holes need to be cut in the tiles for taps and other bathroom fittings. This can be done quite easily with a tile cutter, a whole cutter or simply with a drill to cut a hole of the required size. The length of the wall is to be measured till the last tile. Wall tiling always starts from the bottom and ensure that the first row is perfectly leveled. Adhesive is applied to the back of the tile and pushed onto the wall. A tile leveling system is used to prevent any lipping on the surface. The placing of the tiles can continue up the wall but level should be continuously checked.