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Many people who live in the city dream to enjoy a view from the window while relaxing. If the location of the house allows you to give yourself a view from the bathroom window, we offer a large variety of interior options. Some of them may seem too amazing, but there are those whose ideas can be easily realized.

The interior of the bathroom by Janette Mallory Interior

bathroom furnishings with panoramic views

1. The best view is the one kilometer away. In this case, angle windows fits without frames to provide a panoramic view.

2. Owner of luxury resorts know how profitable to use the beautiful scenery. For example, a bathroom and a terrace overlooking the sea. It seems that the scale is about to spread to the legs. 3. The most spectacular views can be viewed as views of the sea, where it converges with the sky on the horizon. This view can be enjoyed at Four Seasons Hotel in the Seychelles resort.

Bathroom with panoramic views

The interior of the bathroom MuellerNicholl's Builders

The interior of the bathroom by Piers Taylor

7. Whether it's summer, winter, sunny or cloudy, the big window in the bathroom makes wonders. In addition, it allows daylight to penetrate as much as possible, more of the magnificent view of the surroundings.

with panoramic bathroom

The interior of the bathroom knudsoninteriors

9. In this case, the good bathroom layouts its users with the relative privacy that does not interfere with the beautiful view from the window. Bath is hidden behind a small desk, and the large windows allow you to admire the view.

Spacious suite with panoramic views

10.To equip and decorate with panoramic views and floor to ceiling windows simply. It is best to use simple elements, pastel colors and glass niches, so as not to messy the space.

11. White bath opening ceremony look at the background of the viewing area. User baths will sunbathe in the daylight and enjoy the view of nature.12. To ensure the bath is equipped with panoramic windows on three sides. This not only allows you to fully enjoy the landscape, but also guarantees unusual sensations.

Luxurious bathroom with panoramic views

13. White curtains provide privacy when needed. They are relatively transparent so as not to disturb the penetration of daylight to and complement the interior. White bathtub and a dark floor, contrasting, elegant look.

The interior of the bathroom by William Reue Architecture

14.These opinions make you feel like you are on top of the world. A large mirror in the bathroom marble creates an interesting visual effect, it seems like a panoramic view of the city.15. A small bathroom can also look amazing. All that is needed is a big window and a beautiful view.

16. In the bathroom because of the terrace, although a glass wall, is provided some degree of integrity, because the bathtub is far from the edge of the terrace.

Interior bathroom from 2Design Group

17. bathroom more like a living room. This is a perfect example of how to arrange the bathroom and ensure its versatility.

Interior glass bathroom

18.Glas – is an excellent material for the set of partition walls in order to provide a sense of space. The bathroom is made of glass towel warmer and shields in the shower, which did not hinder enjoy the view.