Apartment with functional solutions that are useful owners malogabaritok

Unusual furniture, which would be useful in small
Необычная мебель, которая пригодилась бы в маленьких квартирах. Фото


Apartment with functional solutions, which will be useful to the owners malogabaritok

How to properly place the bed ietta? If you want to conceal an office, and successfully planned little odnushku? The answers to these questions will be in the apartment in Milan, where he lives a young married couple.

Apartment with minimalist design
This elegant apartment is located in the old city of Milan, has a simple open plan layout, and its area is less than 50 square meters. Living there a young family without children. The main desire of the owners of the apartment, with the design of the repair, was to create a spacious and harmonious environment zone division. In addition, the couple wanted to live in a bright interior. In order to realize their wishes comes from experts Klappa Design design studio.

Red ottoman acts as a color accent
When it comes to furniture, then all of it is very practical and concise. The living room is a pair of armchairs dressed in thick textiles, light leather sofa and glass coffee table. The dining table is also made of glass, which visually charges interior. As a color spot, a red pouf uses a corner of the room.

Sleeping in odnushke
Walls at the request of the owners of the apartment, left-handed, the furniture is also done in this color scheme. In order to visually expand the space in the window do not hang heavy and thick curtains. The election fell on a light tulle, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the interior.

The cozy bedroom
Particular attention is paid to a sleeping area. It is separate from the common space with a special design. This is not just a zone sharing member, the partition holds many storage systems and also serves as a TV stand. A great alternative for those who do not know how to zone in the odnushke bedroom.

The baffle acts as a storage system multifunctional
Near the sleeping areas are located a hidden closet for storage, and more. There is also hidden a comfortable workplace.

interior bathroom
I would like to mention another interesting point. Between the bathroom and the front room, windows that visually connect the room, and even creating an unusual effect, appear to be the window facing the street which gives the interior a further perspective.