as their own make small interior 32 square meters brazil

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How to arrange your own little interior: 32 square meters in Brazil

During the crisis, not everyone can be consulted by a professional interior designer or designer. What do you do if you want to make the interior an elegant and comfortable? A young man from Brazil decided to take his own hands and issued his malogabaritki without any help. In the result of his work, just take a look!

Keeping shoes in a shoe bed
Because the area is limited, then Andreas (The name of malogabaritki owner) had to find a place for storage. These searches were not in vain, and the guy could find original and elegant solutions. For example, some of the things he packed in vintage suitcases and putting them in the upper niches is under the roof. Shoes you hold a bedside cupboard, and as a bookshelf stands horizontal rack (it is also an important partition between living room and bedroom).

thrifty finishing
In Brazil, there is a small flat space not exceeding 32 square meters. Her host tried her hand as a designer and self-designed little space. The budget was limited, so the young man decided to save on finishing. Instead of traditional wallpaper, he used acrylic paint in white and shades of gray. The young man chose a washable color, which is very convenient and practical.

Interesting solutions for small apartments

Practical solutions for the kitchen
The kitchen has one of the corners of the room, herself separated from the common space due to another material used for flooring. Here we put ceramic tiles in gray – a practical solution that should list malogabaritok owners. The design of this area is very short and easy – Appliances Compact, light and spacious cabinets, a plexiglass apron and the dining room, which does not take up much space.

• In the living room instead of the standard coffee table soft banquet. It can be used for other purposes, as well as a coffee table. • To create space perspective, wall decorated with a panoramic image of a dark color. It spits the monotony in the interior lighting and visually plays the expansion of space. • There are no standard curtains on the windows, they are replaced by fixed shutters which are completely mounted in the daytime and do not prevent the natural light from entering the room. • The apartment has successfully managed zone space and disguise bed. His almost unnoticed, everything between the bed and the sofa is a small inner baffle, which also serves as a storage system.