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Malogabaritki 31 kvadratmeter

Som planlagd studio med oregelbunden layout: 31 kvadratmeter fast



Malogabaritki 31 square meters
When the apartment has disadvantages asleep area and inconvenient layout, using visual techniques they can turn into benefits. It happened with this little odnushku where the space is organized with maximum comfort for its passengers.

Interior small apartments
The area of ​​this square is 31 malogabarithim, and its area has an uneven shape. Designers who worked on their design need not invent the wheel and decided to design the interior in a bright color palette. Just here at this place, they have decided to play with colors. As a base, a clean white diluted its minimal color scheme gray, but the kitchen has decided to make a warm – here dominated by a shade of ivory.

Correct zoned studio apartments
Owners of apartments, studios are often plagued by question-oriented zone sharing, which does not destroy internal integrity and looked attractive. This odnushka is a good example of how this can be done. The parts of zone division are made of plasterboard partitions. One of them is completely separate bedroom from the living room, while the other stretches slightly from the wall sharing kitchen and bedroom. It is possible to create a good intimate zone.

The monotonous interior must be binding colors. For example, dilution in the apartment is dark gray and dark wood and bright colors.

sun division odnushki

By the way, the partition has improvisation fields in which there is a TV. On request, it is possible to look in the lounge with friends or relax after a hectic day in the bedroom, watch your favorite movies. Admission allows you to use mobile TV in several rooms, which is very convenient.

Sometimes it seems like in the apartment with an area of ​​40-60 square meters nowhere to hide things. And then 31 square and everything is in its place. How then Consider where you can put all: • Some items are stored under the bed; • As for the living room and the hall have spacious drawers with lots of drawers – a good alternative to cabinets; • At the front door there is a small corner kicked in it and on the hidden part of things; • The apartment has open shelves for storing various details; • All kitchen utensils placed in the headset; • A favorite book on the shelf near the ceiling of the living room.

This trick is not small apartment late. Since Limited space and lighting concepts are inseparable, it is the light of attention to detail: installed light bulbs, floor lamp, built-in lighting and interior lighting kitchen cabinets.

More friends some small spaces – mirror, glass and high-gloss surfaces. In the apartment they are present in moderate amounts: on the mirror above the sofa, which simulates another window; on the dining table, where the table top is made of glass; on lights.

Kitchen cabinet is illuminated from the inside

The mirror above the sofa serves as lzheokna

Interior small bathroom
Although the bathroom is small, it is always possible to find a place for storage. They can relieve the interior, decorate it and make an elegant one with their right organization.