how to choose a color for a nursery 3 ways

How Color Affects Your Baby - Project Nursery

What color to choose for the child – asks all parents, furnished rooms for a child, and for children of school age. Of course, when it comes to older children, you can simply ask him which color he likes most. But if the child is designed for very young children or children has no preference, the choice of colors allows ...

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Childrens room for girls 10-16 years old

OP16-KID04: Romantic and Vital Style Bedroom for 10

The project: The room of a teenage girl 13 years old. The purpose of the project: To equip the room with the wishes of small housewife: Use pink shades in color scheme, to arrange a large dressing room, place a small make-up table. That the bedroom of a teenager – not an easy task, because you have to take into ...

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The interior of the childrens room how to organize the space

Get Your Kids Organized at All Ages |

Children are the most functional rooms, as it also serves as a bedroom, game room, gym, workplace. A children's room is a very important place because even the smallest members of your family should have a personal space. There children have fun, learn the world, do personal things and, of course, rest. Festive store: the children's bedroom The child was ...

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10 ideas for the design of a childrens room for a girl

tween room

The children's room is the children's territory, and the parents' goal is to create a beautiful and cozy room. A beautiful children's room will bring joy and feel to your child's vacation. Children's room for a girl: choose a theme for the interior The inside of the children's room is very individual, it will be your favorite place for pastime ...

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Decor in the interior the best ideas

In today’s article we present several examples of decorative design decorations of different rooms, which, in our opinion, deserve a high praise and can be an example of imitation. Here you can see how the unexpected combination of textures, mix of styles and the combination of patterns give a fantastic effect, making the space balanced and harmonious. Absolutely Zen In ...

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secrets of the design of narrow rooms

Photos and tips: Design secrets for small rooms

Well planned and aesthetically, of course, There can be no space, regardless of size and shape. It is only important to know some secrets and apply them in practice, if it is a complex area. For example, in the spacious living-day furniture, the walls are not, and the functional groups are uniformly decorated throughout the floor, and are not reminiscent ...

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three room apartment design recent trends

The design of two bedrooms – one of the most enjoyable for the designer. Place a lot to properly arrange all the necessary items and items, but at the same time, is not big and sad from this area – cozy. In this bike, there are also articles about designer bedroom and two bedrooms. They are full of technical details, ...

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we turn a small apartment into a stylish housing 7 tips

House Tour: A Colorful Upper East Side Studio

Meet the man who bought the apartment and do not want to change anything, yes, it is very difficult, because each of us has some tastes, habits and needs, according to which we customize our own house. We offer today to consider design options are standard, small apartments and learn with the help of some tricks in them, you can ...

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basics of design golden section rule

What is the golden ratio? What you need

Even at the beginning of time people became known secretaries harmony everything that exists: the structure of plants, the human body, forms lakes and rivers, and even the smallest of seashells. This knowledge was used in the construction of the world's most famous architectural masterpieces, such as the Parthenon, Notre Dame, the Basilica of the Cathedral and many other structures ...

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we store things wisely wall mounted organizers BHG Wall Mount Media Storage Rack Cd

In a neat, well-planned and well-behaved environment, it is much more convenient to live, work and play so it’s so important to keep things in order and give each of them strictly designated areas. How to organize a large number of different, relevant in daily life and tasks of topics so that a free asset is given to each of ...

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