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The Rule of Three: How This Trick Can
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The grounds for harmoniously furnished space found some rules to follow designers and decorators to the interior looked balanced and aesthetically. We will reveal to you the secret of a successful decoration of all surfaces in the room, whether it's shelf rack, table console, chest of drawers or coffee table.

There are some rules that are the subject of almost all the work of experienced specialists and one of them is the "rule of three". Its meaning lies in the relationship between shapes, colors and sizes of objects collected in three, for example composition: a book, a vase, statue. It is believed that we in this way easily perceive the information picture.

Consider the examples of successful komponovaniya objects in a single composition

It's true:

Coffee table decorated with three points (flashlight, a vase of flowers and decorative bowl) of different shapes and sizes with respect to each other (large, smaller, smallest). In this composition, the objects balanced appearance, but not the following examples with the console.

Not true:

The configuration of the console can not be called successful because none of the "three rules" is not met: the objects do not differ in color, size and shape that form identical rectangles.

How to combine interior design

To the composition, decorate the space in the room, it looked harmonious and interesting, important for their composovaniy use at least two of the three rules, namely:

Objects in different sizes

The picture below shows the composition of decorative ships in the same way, but apparently different sizes, as well as accessories in different colors (white, cream, turquoise) within each.

According to the same principle, combined living trees on the dining table: a shape similar to pots, but their color and height of different plants.

Objects of different shapes

The composition for decorating the desk or office may be composed of three parts completely different form, as shown in the figure below. Here you can see a combination of objects such as a photo in a frame (square), table lamp (cylinder) and a stack of books with a triangle shape. In relation to each other different size items, but the colors for all common (gold, black, white).

colorful decor

Creating a harmonious composition can be of meaningful objects dear to heart or just bizarre and unusual. You can combine three things completely different colors and shapes, with little difference in size.

Perfection will reach the one who will be able to reconcile the decor, according to the "rule of three" at the same time, it may look like this:

The console is decorated with objects of different heights and shirinyZerkalo, vases and a tray have different formuV single composition single white, red and gold colors

three groups

Do not be upset if you want to place a large number of beautiful decorative accessories, but you do not know how to do it right.

In order to create a coherent composition-wide object, you must first be divided into three equal groups, different in color, shape or size, and then each of them resolve in a similar manner.

As an example, we describe the version presented in the image below:

The composition consists of three groups of substance-sized sizes and shapes: a vase, a picture in a frame, a lamp and a cup on the left side the group consists of vases of various shapes, colors and group size to the right shows a high lamp, lower bowl and tray (all items in different colors and shapes)