bathroom in scandinavian style



Scandinavian style in a bathroom – winning option. Its features also allow small spaces to make visually spacious, bright, airy. Therefore, this style is very popular with the design of small apartments and rooms.

The main features of the bathroom are Scandinavian throws – the use of natural materials, the dominance of white, simple geometric shapes. In general, this trend in design is characterized by maximum functionality, which is especially important for confined spaces, and primarily – bathrooms.

In Scandinavian bathroom no overcrowding, each assembly is maximized, and is designed to occupy less space as possible, while usually combining multiple functions.

Colors. Scandinavian style in a bathroom dictates the choice of natural colors, it is especially important for large areas – walls, floors, ceilings. The palette of white, beige, sand, blue, blue-gray, light brown. Bright colors, especially white, will help make the room visually bigger. Darker shades can be used as an accent.

Furniture. Bathrooms in Scandinavian design do not like frills. It can not make furniture. Only a necessary minimum – but the furniture should be of real wood, best – unpainted. There are some elements of glass or chrome plated metal. In that case not to be able to avoid painting, furniture should choose white.

Light. Scandinavian bathrooms can not be covered only built-in spotlights thanks. It is necessary to use several different lighting systems: central lighting, spot lighting directed spots, floor lamps or lamps. In this case, you can be sure that the room is as comfortable to both perform hygienic routines, and relax after a hard day.

Floor. As part of the Scandinavian style of the bathroom, there are three main types of flooring designs: wood, an imitation or self leveling floor. With the tree must be especially careful: the number of water resistant species is limited to the same should be careful not to "wet" the neighbors from below the ceiling.

Therefore, if you can not get a real teak deck, better to stay on the tile floor that mimics wood, it is also possible to use a white or black tile.

If you stay on the floating floors, look better in white or dark brown or gray, almost black – such a contrast option will make the bathroom Scandinavian design more vibrant and expressive. But in this case, will have a more careful attitude to the choice of accessories, ensuring that they are not only combined with each other, but also ecologically poured into a game of contrasts.

Rugs in a bathroom should not occupy the entire surface. They can be small in size, in the chosen gender tone or contrast.