Bathroom light fixtures brushed nickel to give your

Brushed Nickel Bathroom Vanity Lighting You'll Love |


Brighten up your bathroom vanity and change its look with brushed nickel bathroom light fixtures. Getting new lights or replacing the lights is a great way to improvise and change the look of your existing bathroom without spending a fortune. Brushed nickel will definitely be a good choice when it comes to selecting bathroom light fixtures because of its fine finish and also its capacity to sustain moisture and resist corrosion. It will retain its metallic luster even after years of use.

Different styles of Bathroom Vanity Lights

Wall lights and Strip lights are the right kind of lights to be installed in a bathroom.  The strip lights help in precision while shaving or applying makeup and at the same time reduce shadows as well. These lights include globes, and lights in upturned and downturned cups in a large variety of styles. Strip lights can be mounted above the vanity horizontally or placed on the left and right side of the mirror. Wall lights come as scones and brackets, adding a decorative element to the bathroom thereby complementing the overhead lights.  A three bulb or five bulb bath vanity brushed nickel come in many designs and look really great.

Placement of Light Fixtures in the Bathroom

The ideal placement of vanity light will ensure that there are no shadows under your eyes, cheeks and chin. On a large mirror the lights have to be mounted on both sides of the mirror, while the light should be mounted on top of a small mirror. One thing should be kept in mind that the center of the light should be placed at eye level. The best choice of bulbs to be placed in the bathroom is halogen bulbs as they provide a crisp white glow or the compact fluorescent bulbs. Another option is to have dimmers which will give a soothing light while conserving energy too. For the shower the best option is a recessed light as it will be water resistant due to it being in constant exposure to water.

Thus installing adequate lights around the vanity or mirror makes the space a lot more pleasant and comfortable. Brushed nickel bathroom light fixtures can add a touch of modern elegance while cutting your home energy costs without relinquishing great style and looks.