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Beautiful Mountain House with a View - VRBO


In Russia there is still a thriving tendency to acquire houses in the highlands. While affording a beautiful home in the mountains. Nevertheless, some interest in buying a property there, mostly held in young businessmen who buy such a house as a base for a family holiday over the weekends.

In addition to the obvious advantages – clean air, mountain vacation provide with something no comparable privacy. Milder winter climate, hot summers with cool nights – a great complement to the calm atmosphere of the holiday. Construction in the mountains has several functions in construction, compared with the construction of a cottage on the plain.

Houses on the slopes of the mountains, taking into account design features and height differences. Solves the problem of the placement of two ways: create a large flat surface, a kind of plateau under construction of the foundation, or some small terraces under development rose, usually home on two floors. Typically, the construction of a two or three-story roof is certainly designed with regard to rainfall and has an additional angle, increased ramp. The balconies have no glass panes, which are typical of mining buildings, and are solved in the form of open-plan terraces.

View of a beautiful house in the mountains, against the background of green hills, blue skies and white mountain peaks, leaving no untouched, both outside and inside, the mountain house is designed to provide warmth and protection.

Photos Haus Wiesenhof project mountain Gogl Architekten.