blooming garden 17 fantastic ideas for design flower beds which are an exquisite decoration suburban area

15 Ideas For Your Garden From The Mediterranean Landscape Design



Original discounts that adorn the suburb area.
Like spring, which means it's time to start cleaning your computer. The first is to think of things like beds. What is the best result of "green" in order, we will explain in our small survey.

Cova decoration for flower pots.
Forged construction, similar to the wagon, which placed large flower pots.

Closed, decorated with climbing roses.
Climbing roses, shot over the fence, help freshen up an old ugly fence.

Neat flower club.
Very nice and beautiful looking flowers surrounded by a low "border" of green bushes.

Pots of cans.
Garnish with ugly poles and metal constructions at their summerhouse, you can use flowers planted in painted canned baskets.

A flower bed of old wooden wheelbarrow.
Old wood and metal wheelbarrows can be transformed into a charming flower bed.

Flower buds in dry stumps.

Vertical rack.
Unnecessary ladder can be transformed into a charming flower rack.

Flower bed in the sink.
Original bed in an old shell.

Pattern of grass.
Thought traces, planted with lawn, garden does nice and tidy.

The garden hall circles, decorated with mosaics.
Pretty garden path, which can be made of concrete or metal pancakes and ceramic fragments.

A flower bed of wooden barrels.
The original flower is inverted into a wooden thin.

Basket planted on the porch of the porch.
Plants with abundant plants along the railing of the stairs.

Neat flower bed with clear borders.
Fantastic flowers with clear borders and a decorative bridge.

A flower bed of a wooden box.
Old wooden boxes can be turned into a charming flower discount.

Homemade table-bed.
Delightful Flowering Table Spili.