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Bright accents in the interior of the kitchen: 10 fashion trends
If you are upgrading to a kitchen event of the summer, it is worth remembering some colors that perfectly combine discreet elegance and light luxury. It is gray and yellow. Even gray enormous popularity in recent years, still a combination is unusual still in the kitchen. The kitchen can be decorated as exceptional in two colors and use a combination of both to enhance the overall atmosphere.

The kitchen in rustic style by Rafe Churchill

The kitchen in the Formica Group

The kitchen is in an eclectic style by Kaia Calhoun

Yellow – a color that is perfect to send a happy atmosphere in the summer, especially bright colors or cold melon pastel background. Kitchen in a rustic style combines practical magic yellow and dark gray apron and table top. Feed sunlight just adds a playful mood.

In the kitchen, gray can be used as a main color, yellow is limited, as a decoration. This is especially true of subdued modern interiors. Gray could serve as a decoration for white cabinets, and it will look impressive, although it is very small.

Gray surfaces in the kitchen of a tropical Andreozzi Architect

Gray, white and yellow in the kitchen at Nerland Bygg & Restoration

Gray kitchen with yellow light on Essential Design + Build

The Kitchen on Hudson Street Design

Shades of gray and yellow to the existing You can specify the interior, which only a few changes. It is not necessary to arrange in the kitchen only in the two-tone system. This can be tiled, tiled, which creates a modern kitchen in the middle of the last century atmosphere.

Lemon accents by Andrew's architecture

Glass apron with yellow pattern at Dallas Renovation Group

Gray furniture on a background of yellow apron by Chr Dauer Architects

Some dishes look amazing, precissjunka in the yellow color, while others benefit from the leading role of gray, and it is best to find harmony between the two and create a dream kitchen. Yellow color is perfect for different styles, from rustic to Mediterranean and rustic and craft. Gray, on the other hand, gives the elegance and modern transition style, perfect in combination with industrial features. Often, the choice of style defines the use of colors in the kitchen. The modern kitchen should be beautiful and practical. Color. Contrast. Hard work and strategy. A little creativity. All these factors must be considered when planning the kitchen space. We offer 10 creative ideas about modernization.