Bring in a new freestanding bathroom furniture, and

A crisp white freestanding bathroom storage furniture. A
A crisp white freestanding bathroom storage furniture. A narrow bathroom cabinet with one drawer and a cupboard, each with a white wooden knob and tongue


Often new or unique ideas take a little while to absorb. Take for example a traditional bathroom design with mundane furniture pieces and an equally conventional bathroom fitting style. It is always good to change your perspective about something that you have formed a traditional opinion about. Such traditional bathroom clichés have been changed drastically by a new wave of freestanding bathroom furniture. As its name suggests, freestanding bathroom furnishings will actually have certain furniture items in your bathroom which are independent on their own without any additional support. Apart from an immensely stylish look these kinds of furnishings offer some very efficient space utilization techniques as well. The most popular piece of furniture that is generally kept independent is the single vanity unit attached with a mirror over sinks or wash basins.

If is not mandatory to have such an item in your bathroom, but if you have one then it will completely change the look and feel of your bathroom in addition to providing space utilization.

Some tough decisions need to be made while choosing freestanding bathroom furniture for your bathroom, but the following set of guidelines can help you get through it.

Find the correct size.

Just because it has occurred to you that you need an independent furniture piece in your  bathroom does not mean you bring in a very bulky one and try to fix it in a small bathroom or vice versa. A right sized and right proportioned one will always go a long way in being efficient and useful in the long run. Generally such freestanding items are well fitted with the right size over the sinks. They are also most often attached with a mirror to become useful. Small items like medicines, shaving materials can fit well in them and will also come in handy at the right time.

Find the correct location

Just as important size is, finding a perfect location for such furniture items is no less. If there is a small corner in your bathroom where practically no useful item would fit, then a freestanding cabinet can be an idle choice to be kept there. Such cabinets utilize the space well and also give that extra pinch of storage capacity that might be needed.

Find the correct item

It is not always necessary to have just a cabinet that will be independent in your bathroom. You can experiment with all kinds of furniture items that can be kept independent from the rest of your bathroom fittings. For adding that little uniqueness you can have a freestanding tub, or a freestanding sink, even a freestanding toilet. It basically means letting your imagination go wild and adding any item you fit deem to become independent.

So the next time don’t hesitate to free stand some furniture in your bathroom and see how it changes the entire scene.