brooklyn townhouse with open floor plan

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Windsor Terrace Brooklyn 2 Family 3 Story Brownstone Townhouse by



Brooklyn open-plan terraced house –
The interior of a Brooklyn townhouse is located in New York, attended by experts from the company Ben Herzog architect, together with Kiki Dennis Interiors. As a result, the fully renovated houses offer open plan solutions and picked up a fantastic range of colors.


Open plan

The team has decided to open the main living room, lay a large steel beam. The kitchen, dining room and living room remain the same, each zone has retained its individuality.

Opposite the fireplace installed the modern and comfortable sofa. TV over the stove is twisting it is this part of the wall was the composition center of the living room. Carpet on the floor with geometric patterns clearly defined area.

Kitchen in townhouse

Two workers on the island

Kitchen and dining room
White table in combination with a set of simple chairs, forms a dining set. Apart from him, there is another in the living room. Above the table hangs three original lights.

At first glance, the chosen colors do not matter. It is of interest, but the choice was no coincidence. Home office shows absolutely wonderful combination of lavender walls with wooden floors and white accents in the form of shelves and furniture. Blue light is to draw attention, shown in an accent paint. Harmony of colors and show the hall, where a striped mat emphasizes and improves long and narrow space. The palette of light earthy colors combined with blue elements.

The bedroom in various shades of gray

The bedroom is decorated in bright shades of gray, the underlined purple and blue shades. One of the walls turns into a gallery of colorful accents. The designer still plays with different textures to create a warm atmosphere.

His character is also in the bathroom. One of the interesting techniques – a combination of white and blue colors with a glass of shower and a light interior. A small room looks simple but efficient. Zinc is in the corner, a small shelf over the toilet space, you can decorate a vase of flowers. A large mirror makes the room visually more spacious. The original interior of the same little penthouse offers other New York company Pepe Calderin designs.