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Cabinet under the washbasin: beautiful, practical and functional
It is not necessary to sacrifice more than storage space issues, if a small bathroom. See how creative designers have addressed this issue. The offer of individual sketches fancy the tables under the sink with sections for storage.



In the bathroom, the children especially hard, because all furniture designed for adults. This make-up designer Julie Palmer, CEO of Charlie Allen Renovations, offers bathrooms belonging to two children in Boston. Here you will find shampoo, soap, towels and baby accessories. In small bathrooms it is very important to avoid overloading space. But even such a small make-up table is to be nice. According to Palmer, a make-up table is well suited for the Greek style of the 1950s.

Designer Melissa Lewis of Lewis CompanyGiannoulias chose elegantly made to order cupboard Christopher Peacock for the toilet room in one of the Chicago buildings. Cabinet, according to the designer, had to be functional and beautiful at the same time. On the bench plenty of space in white marble, in addition there is a cabinet for storage of bathroom products and accessories. The dark color contrasts beautifully with the top and is a classic combination. With eclectic wallpaper, it creates a sense of loss of time.

Urban rustic style

elegant clothes

modern minimalism

Inside a modern, customized table under the sink in a small toilet room located in one of the houses in Perth, Australia, is the regiment. Additionally, on the worktop, enough room for soap and toiletries. Designer David Wilks has established an extra shelf for increased convenience. It will not only keep track of things, but visually expand the space. For more elegance gaps open when you click on the magnetic latches instead of pens.

Cozy rustic style

compact measurements

The height of the small tables under the sink, made in a modern style of wood now, only 25 cm. It fits well into the interior of a New York bathroom, reconstructed by specialists from the company Weil Friedman Architects. Above it is an extra shelf.

functional, modern

Stylish cabinets under the sink stand by the wall, colorful decorated with tiles in various shades of gray. According to designer Kay Payne from company Boswell Construction, it is the only place where it was possible to set it up. In small rooms there is never enough room for cabinets, but they managed to establish a first aid kit and more. The very table, 14 cm wide, was built into the niche. It is quite spacious and a pharmacy without a wall cabinet. The table top is made of quartz and neutral colors not diverting attention from the stone wall.

Here is a wooden table, as it was not on order, and was bought from the shelf in the store. The width is 33 cm, it's compact, but spacious and practical. It came to mind the designer Nanette Baker's company and went to a general style of the house, located in Westbury, New York, which is already 100 years old. Because of its functionality and space bed maintain the scheme in the bathroom by homeowners. There are installed dispensers and toiletries, and towels are stored at the bottom.

traditional furniture

In this set of restrooms, classic console cabinets under the sink with storage space for towels underneath. Width 76 cm, height 82 cm and deep 54 cm. The stone countertop and chrome base look organically in a small dressing room. Outdoor table construction does not mess space and the room becomes visually more spacious. Below installed shelving rack for storage of accessories.

chrome parts

Plenty of space and design hitromudroyl solutions – that's what offers their customers the designer Steve Kleinman. This bathroom has a toilet domev elegant bed handmade, which emphasizes basic information about the design of the entire house and passes his philosophy. Kleinman's chosen tables made of mahogany with a thick quarter surface, in the right place. Depending on the fact that the constructor sets the CD to another location and does not have the same wall, more space is allocated to it.

Alison Glen Designer of the company LA Bostaden was positively surprised by the compactness, functionality, precise lines and the cost of under the sink cabinet installed in the bathroom in one of the Los Angeles apartments. Its length is 140 cm deep. 49 cm Because it is attached to the wall above the floor, it creates a sense of space. This bathroom belongs to the children so it is so bright and cheerful. The wardrobe is equipped with four shelves for storing necessary things.

optical illusion

The work of high walls in toilet design Timothy Benkovski's company is perceived as a challenge for its professionalism. He would add some horizontal lines to balance space, so the cabinet has been installed under the wash basin just such a construction. A number of drawers, which are under the worktop, mask pipes and provide room for toiletries. Open the bottom shelf for the storage of towels. Even under the sink cabinet needs a final sink on the sink. From its appearance depends on the atmosphere throughout the bathroom. Modern designers often offer the most incredible model that turns water treatments into a saga.