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Colorful Library – a library of multicolored containers.
In a small Indonesian city, the original library consists of 8 containers. Each of them is painted in different colors and has its own special purpose. Library can participate free of charge very badly.

Dpavilion Architects Architect Office project.
Architects firm Dpavilion architectsWe conducted the design and construction of the unusual children's library in Batu (Batu, Indonesia). The reason for Colorful Library began to use marine containers, painted bright colors.

Yellow container library, intended to visit their girls.

Library of the containers.
The entire structure consists of 8 blocks of steel piles, which was also made as a symbol of the sublime role of knowledge that derives from reading books. Each of the colored containers has its purpose. In the room, painted in red, is a reading room and an archive for science and technology. Blue container approved for popular science literature. Well, yellow is a reading room for the girls. The green container is the entrance and the lobby.

Colorful Library – a library of multicolored containers.
Containers are a popular alternative pre-construction of buildings in hot climate areas. So in Texas, you can see the original bar made of container 7. The unusual look and bright colors have made the most popular institution in the city.

Colorful Library – Stainless Steel Library.
Batu (Batu) – an agricultural city, so the border between the rich and the poor is too wide. That is why the constructed library has become almost the only option when the poor can gain free access to knowledge.