Childrens room for girls 10-16 years old

OP16-KID04: Romantic and Vital Style Bedroom for 10
This bedroom, which is designed for teens, appears romantic and vitality with a collocation of rosy pink and snowy white.


The project: The room of a teenage girl 13 years old.
The purpose of the project: To equip the room with the wishes of small housewife: Use pink shades in color scheme, to arrange a large dressing room, place a small make-up table.

That the bedroom of a teenager – not an easy task, because you have to take into account the needs of children in this difficult age, combine the important areas of a room and do not forget to emphasize the individuality of the hostess. “We have tried to focus on the fact that in this room no longer lives a little girl, and already formed personality. Collections of jewelry, flowers, pictures of friends and a variety of accessories that fill the room with a special meaning,” – says Olga Gimeno project designer.

“The bedroom of a teenage girl is divided into treZon: a seating area, study area and a changing room. Each zone has its own storage solutions,” says the designer of the interior Olga Gimeno. – “Because the room is quite small, we have tried to utilize every corner of the benefit – the space under the window (which formed the table, chest of drawers), under the bed (to store seasonal items and books), a place close to the bed (between the bed and the wall is a small bedside table, where you can store all kinds of small things or put a vase of flowers).

Of particular interest is a dressing room that resides in a small lodge. “Together with the future housewife in the room, we came to the conclusion that it is best not to put interior doors in the locker room. If you close changing rooms, it will never be arranged” – laughs designer. – “In addition, with an open wardrobe, you will have more motivation to keep it clean,” – continues Olga. Every thing in the locker room has a special place – shoes are in special boxes in the lower compartment, shirts, t-shirts and accessories are on the mantle and in special compartments and stand in the top of hanging clothes on hangers.

In this room, white, light green, pink and purple – the dominant color. White walls and floors are the perfect background, next to which other accents become lighter and more noticeable. “We did not want to use bright colors, especially afraid to exaggerate with pink – the traditional colors of all children for girls. Therefore, the choice fell on a pale pink shade that fits perfectly into pastel’s range of rooms.”