christmas toys with their hands 28 adorable examples

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Christmas decorations with their own hands

One of the protagonists of the New Year's Ergreen. It is customary to decorate interesting and unusual toys. Today there are a lot of shiny balls and angels sold in decorative stores, but much more interesting to watch tree decorations created with their own hands. They make a special atmosphere, and are always able to surprise the guests. We collected a lot of original ideas that will be repeated each.

Simple knitted toys on the grain

Unusual Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations that can make everyone

Multi-colored Christmas tree yarnstick

Knitted Christmas decorations
Knitted decorative items ideal for Decorating the winter, and New Year's Christmas tree such toys will look very impressive. Yarn product is chosen in the traditional holiday colors – white, red, green. You can make a little ordinary asterisk or circles depicting christmas presents. If time allows, tells a fantasy interesting stories, some of the conventional wool can get a real work of art. As an ornament, you can choose the image of deer, stars or snowflakes.

Christmas decorations from scrap
In fact, to create a New Year's toy with their hands, not necessarily be rukodelnikom and multi-lingers. Yes, and special materials that are not needed. You can use everything at hand – the cover, paper, a roadmap, keys, and even wooden kittens. The most important thing is that the process of bringing joy, and the result gave a good mood.

Christmas ornaments of paper

Christmas tree from wooden bars and wire

Original ornaments on the Christmas tree

Creative Christmas presents

Christmas decorations of colored thread

Unusual Christmas Toy

Christmas tree decorations of buttons

Crafts made of felt

Christmas decorations can show most-weathered material, such as Lego. Such a decoration is interesting to gather the whole family, especially with younger children. And such an unusual tree decor safely lead guests in the hall!

Lego deer in the Christmas tree

Lego Snowflake
It is important to ensure that not only about the toys, but also to choose a suitable for the top of the tree. We found the most creative solutions!