closer heaven 17 gorgeous examples arrangement terrace roof

spiral staircase to the roof / PC House
The Morton House Project This staircase is a perfect example of our design capabilities.


Examples of charming terraces on the roof of houses.
Perhaps many people in life dreamed of posilentak like Carlson. But it turns out that realizing this idea is not that difficult. If we are not a cabin, a cozy terrace where you can drink coffee with friends, raises over the city.

Floor terrace.

Bright roof terrace.
Small terrace with a sofa, coffee table, chairs and lots of plants in pots for a relaxing outdoor life.

The cozy roof terrace cottages, which represent a living room with sofas, chairs and a lower level grill and observation deck with deck chairs and a telescope at the top.

Dinner on the terrace.
An elegant terrace with a large dining table, a comfortable sofa and coffee table.

A spacious terrace.
Luxury terrace with a beautiful surface floor, elegantly decorated and tidy discounts.

Terrace with outdoor shower.
Elegant terrace with concise and rattan furniture and a summer shower, allowing for a refreshing dip on a hot day.

Terrace in a minimalist style.
Wonderful terrace with original concrete furniture.

A small terrace in a modern style.
Small terrace with exquisite furniture and beautiful bio fireplaces.

Cozy terrace in pastel colors.
Wonderful terrace with furniture and cream colored trim plants in large balconies.

The spacious roof terrace.
Charming terrace, decorated in blue and white that appeals to people who dream of the ocean.

Terrace with lawn.

Fantastic round terrace, nestled in lush greenery.

Small terrace.
The small terrace with padded sun loungers and a round table for a peaceful living with your family.

Single roof terrace.
A spacious terrace with unpretentious homemade furniture and colorful textile details.

Terrace with jacuzzi.
Stunning terrace with a large corner sofa and an outdoor jacuzzi.

It will be interesting to learn how the reconstruction carried out a historic apartment in a modern style.

Terrace in a modern style.
Modern terrace with black and white furniture and creative lighting, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.