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Marsala in interiors


Marsala – nuance, containing enclaret-red and brown tones, which together form a warm, very elegant color chord. Not surprisingly, the wine tune equally appreciated by people of mature age and a younger generation.

Surrounded by acrylic colors (black, gray and white) can of course be all the colors of the rainbow, as a neutral base – one of the most successful for interesting complex tones in the interior. The Marsala is not an exception, but only once proves the obvious characteristic of black and white to show the best qualities of color.
Use of color in Marsala subjects sofas, chairs, rugs or dining groups, definitely give room full, but not boring, if used shades of gray, a lot of white and black accents.

Combining neutral whiteness gray toned red-reddish color will be an elegant solution for the modern kitchen's interior spaces or corridors. It will also be beneficial in unusual interpretations of historical styles, where shabby texture objects coexist with fashionable shiny surfaces.
Marsala with cream, vanilla, beige, light and dark brown, terracotta, ocher, brown, herb salad and create an incredible impression of harmony and tranquility in all rooms.

A distinctive feature of the wine color may be a high ability to be independent and bold, and at the same time it is a great companion for the colors used in the room. His influence can not be overestimated or ignored, and play interesting Marsala in the interior of the living room should be at least once, a long time to fall in love with him.

That's why Marsala looks quite unusual, but so attractive in the neighborhood with subdued cobalt wall surfaces, textiles, aqua or turquoise, it encourages its freshness and crystal clear sound.
In areas with cool shades in the wall surfaces, rarely or decor, there is a need to reduce overall impression of stiffness and distance. And to add the beautiful but clamped interior a little more heat and layout designers soothe frankly soft color palette of warm.

Interior Style Minimalism Color Marsala Mayhem Ascend the situation if you decorate it with some burgundy stains in the lounge, in the dining room or living room. It is enough to establish a group of soft chairs laconic forms or a large ottoman in the middle of the room.
Color Marsala has a rare gift to be protected, even in large quantities. For example, the walls are all covered with this color is not bored for a long time, but to complement or dilute the interior is possible by using several, in harmony with colors Marsala: terracotta, sand, blue, and cobalt, green and white, brown and gray, yellow.

Luxury interiors, as a rule, are not known. Only exquisite design, with natural expensive materials, but also the choice of stylish, thoughtful colors, creating the most memorable and lasting impressions delicate taste homeowner.