de beste mobile applikationer for interiøret



The designers of architectural and design agency ALTERCASA chose five of the most useful programs that can help when decorating your space. Today, we want to share our readers with their interesting results.

People who plan to change the interior of the house or icons are divided into two categories: those who prefer to use a specialist, and those who want to give the room a modern and elegant look, emphasizing their individuality. In this article, we invite you to comfortable and functional mobile applications that help you decorate the room.

Image Measure Lite

With this program, you can easily avoid bureaucracy's sketches and plans. All that is required of you, this once, armed with a tape measure to make measurements, add them to the program, arrange arrows and create the necessary signatures. Photo Measurement Lite is very convenient for those in the room / furniture often needs close touch. The application is quite simple, with a simple interface and functionality.


This smart program like content tips and personal experiences of people from all over the world will help you in any business, whether it's simple computer business or decorate the mantle. The program not only allows you to answer your question, but also to share knowledge with others, communicate with friends with the same interests, comment on their profiles and familiarize themselves with useful information at any time.

The program has a small shortcoming – it is in English. However, due to step by step instructions in the pictures, this problem easily solved.
Snapguide is completely free software to download and use for anyone to.

dream home

This application can be called the most entertaining more affectionate than good, but will not impair its merits. This is – a kind of gallery room and houses where they gathered works the best designers in the world. The pictures are divided by type (kitchen, bedroom, living room, children), colors and styles, from classical to exotic. You will be able to collect the necessary information to familiarize yourself with the decor of your own repairs, or simply enjoy the stunning views of stunning and high-quality images.


A useful program for those who can not determine the color of the walls of the house. Due to the current palette, sorted to facilitate the types and colors, you can easily pick up the desired tone in real time. Just take a photo of the room, upload it to the app and knock the wrist experiment, try, enjoy.

paint tests

This app will also help you select desired color on the walls. However, it differs from the furnishings presence of an interesting and useful feature: you can see your room in any light conditions. Why is it necessary? Elementary! The sun shines the color of the walls you can enjoy, but at dusk, and do not cause joy in artificial light and in addition to disappointing. The program makes it possible to see the selected color in all light conditions and becomes firmly established in the selection.

All of these programs are freely available on iTunes Store and on Google Play, so all Internet users can easily download the program to your gadget, and enjoy the process of climate change.