De mest belangrijke fase reparatie in badkamer basismetingen

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The most important step of repair in the bathroom: the main measurements
Repair – it's not an easy task, especially when it comes to these time-consuming facilities like bathrooms. In there he is here to stay, bath requires a special strategy. Therefore, it is important to take into account everything, measure and plan. We provide an overview of the basic elements, whose size plays an important role in planning the work.

interior bathroom

Interior small bathroom

The bathroom is second to the kitchen, the most important criterion in the planning of repairs is considered layout, material, and the size of the room should not affect the quality. Knowing some basic methods for space planning and the insight that a limited space should be used for maximum benefit will help to develop a unique and beautiful design. To accommodate all comfort, even within a small bathroom, it is necessary to know how much space you need basic furniture, sanitary ware.

So as a small tube does not require a lot of material you can consider buying high quality and expensive material, serious damage to the budget, they will not cause. For example, the bathroom is used to meet expensive marble tiles with special veins that define the character of the room and make the interior nice and airy. Despite the modest size of the room, it is close to the compact, which is hanging cupboard with built-in sink. It is enclosed special lighting and lamps on either side of the mirror are just perfect fit. If required, you can include both the lamp – it is the perfect solution for such facilities.

Wall mounted wash basin

Nightstand with single sink

double sink

Two sinks. If you plan to install two sinks, you need to focus on what is necessary to place a width of 150 to 180 cm. The more the better. Night table with two sinks for comfort and convenience in the hygiene process. It is possible to extend the surface of the toilet toilet cistern. If it's an average of 80-90 cm, the extra inches did not hurt either. It must be remembered that the CD is extended well below the surface, to give access to a tank without any problems.

An independent bath and shower

Built-in bath

The built-in bath is limited to three walls. It is lined with tile. The successful placement of thought kits and small shelves on the wall, which not only adds spice to design, but also provides additional storage space for essentials. Deep kits should be 10-13 cm, 9-10 cm and shelves. Dimensions can be adjusted individually, based on the available space in the bathroom.

Bathroom with curtain

You can choose a shorter bath for a bathroom, Japanese-style muffler. Such bathing will allow you to install a shower and also arrange storage space. You can also install a glass screen for the bath, especially if they are equipped with a steam shower. The height and width of the screen are individually determined so that no screen, no storage cabinet, no plumbing does not interfere with each other.

Some people do not set the bath and you prefer to shower. This is a big plus, especially if the bathroom is limited in size. The shower sector can be separated with glass doors from floor to ceiling. The floor in the shower is flat, so the rear wall must be installed with a grille.

Bathroom with shower of Draw Link Group

It is more convenient to install a restrictive limit, so that the water from the shower does not penetrate other bathroom sectors. It should have a height of 10-15 cm and 8-10 cm wide.

Bathroom with shower

The towel should be fixed 90 to 110 cm above the floor. If any longer, set the optimal ones at a height of 120-125 cm. In the traditional bathroom ceilings is at an altitude of 2.50 m.

Comfortable and correct position and plumbing bathroom furniture dictate the location of doors and windows, in which direction the door is opened. It is best to install all elements along the blank wall. It is likely that for convenience CD and sink can be changed.

compact bathroom

If the space in the bathroom is not catastrophic, you can install a sink and a wardrobe oval in a special niche. The CD should be placed next to the shower, but there is enough room for easy exit out of the shower. Washbasin and cupboard underneath it – this is the most versatile item that can change its size and shape, which is very practical.

For the toilet, you can find a very unexpected place

Some bathrooms have a bath as opposed to the sink and compact. By building standards the distance between the toilet and the bathroom should not be less than 60 cm. If the CD is placed conveniently in the bathroom. To install, you need a compact space width of up to 70 cm, but 80-90 – it's even better. If you install a CD of non-standard sizes, be sure to add 70 cm 5-8 cm. It is likely to want to install the toilet so that it is not eye-catching. There are several nice and original solutions.